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Why is Exercise Important ?: The Importance of Exercise

Why is exercise important

Why is exercise important ?: Exercise has many benefits, including health and physical, including psychological, sports, a weapon to fight diseases and health problems, and a weapon to fight obesity as well.

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Mental Benefits

Why is exercise important

Mood Improvement

Exercise stimulates chemicals in the brain, which increases feelings of happiness and relaxation, aids in obtaining physical fitness, and exercise with the group allows you to communicate with colleagues and friends and join challenges in an entertaining environment.

Increase focus

Some research has shown that doing aerobic exercises and muscle-strengthening activities is very beneficial, and that practicing these exercises for 30 minutes 3 to 5 times a week promotes mental health, and regular physical activity helps keep mental skills and abilities strong with progress. In a lifetime.

Reducing stress

Exercising helps reduce stress hormones in the body and stimulates the secretion of endorphins, which increases the feeling of optimism and relaxation, thus improving mood and getting rid of stress and depression. During exercise, your focus is distracted from worries, and you stay away from negative thoughts.

Physical Benefits

Why is exercise important

Reducing disease

Exercise reduces the risk of chronic diseases, by reducing high blood pressure, and reducing high levels of cholesterol, diabetes, and triglycerides, as these risks increase in the case of inactivity and lack of exercise, and from exercises beneficial for blood circulation and heart, aerobic and cardio exercises Examples: swimming, cycling, rowing, jogging, and walking .

Lose weight

The American University of Sport and Medicine recommends 150 to 250 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week; To ensure weight loss, and move more flexibly, because overweight and obesity are one of the causes of chronic diseases, sport works to burn calories very efficiently, and it is necessary to exercise for the longest time possible, and at a moderate or high pace.

Increase muscle mass

Doing sports helps build muscle mass, and examples of these activities include: lifting weights, using sports machines, and resistance exercises that train all the muscles of the body.

Social Benefits


Most organized sports depend on a strict training program, by exercising periodically, following exercise schedules, and spending a long time practicing exercises, which makes a person able to achieve a balance between their exercise and other activities, and this helps increase his discipline and commitment to responsibilities.

Positive guidance

Exercising in a team and having a responsible coach develops the relationship with coaches and colleagues, because a person receives instructions from the coach, and is part of the team, so that they have positive effects on your life, and get to know skilled coaches who are interested in you, not only focusing on good sport but on development. For the better.

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