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There are a few methods of marketing an online business. Paid advertising, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost-Per-Thousand (CPM), is one way to get your website in front of your target market. However, there’s another method that is often overlooked: directory submission.

Directory submissions is the process of submitting your website to online directories. This is a free method of marketing that can be very effective, if done correctly. In this article, we will provide you free directory submissions sites list.

Directory submission sites are SEO-friendly. There are a variety of directories on the Internet. Most of them are free to submit an article to. The problem is, the majority of directory sites don’t do an excellent job of searching for appropriate articles.

Directory submission sites, however, search through many directories at once and often find the perfect article for you.

You can gain access to some top directories by signing up and becoming a member of a directory site.

The process for submitting to directory sites can be very simple, often entails only answering a few questions, and you can do it all online.

Gains to 1. Every website that is attached to a directory submission site increases your own link popularity.

You can use search engine optimization (SEO) to make sure your website receives hundreds of thousands of visitors.

The article you submit to a directory can contain keywords that your target audience is searching for.

Directory submission sites collect links to your website, which in turn help drive more search engine traffic to your website.

Even after a few months have passed, your directory submission article will still be searchable in Google.

Paid advertising is costly and would be considered a long-term investment. When you submit to free directory submission sites, you can see a quick traffic boost, grow your site popularity, and at a lower cost than PPC ads.

Free Directory Submission Sites are Easier to Find and Use. Directory submission has many advantages over traditional marketing methods.

It’s one of the easiest and most cost-efficient ways to gain traffic to your website.

You get website exposure with no upfront fees, all you need to do is sign up as a free member of that directory submission site and set a budget for your ads.

Right now, I have prepared list of directory submission websites with listings being added daily. Below are all of the website categories I have under this listing, sorted by website views daily.

Good Directory Submission Sites Have a Large Directory List. Good directory submission sites have a large directory list because they have large audiences searching for their services. In addition, good directory sites have a high bounce rate, which means more people are staying on their pages, which means more exposure for you and your site.

Directory sites are a great way to advertise without spending lots of money.

Additionally, the sites that we provide in our directory are well-maintained by experienced professionals who have an interest in helping other websites thrive by submitting them to highly populated, well-sourced directories.

We gather lists of directories to help build a more extensive portfolio of high-quality directories that can be submitted to later.


If you find a directory with many listings or very high bounce rates, consider joining their directory and submitting your website. Remember, you don’t need to have the highest bounce rate, just make sure the percentage is below 30%.

Some Free Directory Submission Sites Have an Elegant Interface. Some free directory submission websites have an elegant design, which might be why you don’t hear many complaints about their usability. List of free directory submission For example,,, and

However, it’s still a good idea to test as many directory submission sites as you can before committing. Also, some might simply violate your copyright and need to be banned immediately.

Looking for an easy way to submit your website to hundreds of directories? Look no further than the Smart Links Directory. Our massive list of directory submission sites makes it easy to find the right directories for your business, and our smart submission technology ensures that your submissions are handled quickly and efficiently.