What is Fat Burning Soup Diet Plan and its Recipe

Fat Burning Soup

Fat burning soup is a diet that is eaten for a whole week, and its diet varies every day of the week, and after the end of the week a person can stop it and eat whatever he wants with following some diets until the weight is stabilized, and he can go back to the fat burning soup diet after A certain period ranges from one to two weeks.

Fat burning soup diet is characterized by its low calories and its many benefits because it contains various vegetables that help in the process of metabolism and metabolism, such as cabbage and onions and any type of vegetables that a person may prefer can be added, so there is no harm in that, and certain types of spices are added as desired. The person and his personal taste, and the person can eat this soup as much as he wants. hich are the fat burning foods?

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This type of soup began to be applied in hospitals, as it is included in the diet for people who are overweight, suffer from pressure and cardiovascular problems, and need some necessary surgeries, especially operations related to catheterization and heart surgery.  

Fat burning soup diet is an ideal solution to losing weight, as it does not need to exercise, but you must be careful not to drink soft drinks of all kinds because they contain sugars in high proportions and gases, and you must drink at least two and a half liters of water a day until the success of the followed diet program With fat burning soup.

The Ingredients

Fat Burning Soup
  • Ten cups of water.
  • Two bunches of celery.
  • Six heads of peeled garlic.
  • Six heads of onions.
  • Four grains of green bell pepper.
  • A large head of cabbage.
  • A kilogram of tomatoes.
  • Five grains of carrots.
  •  * 2 cubes of chicken stock.

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How to Prepare

Fat Burning Soup

Diet fat burning soup: Add an amount of chopped cabbage in a saucepan on the fire and add boiling water to it. Put all the chopped vegetables, until all the ingredients boil together, then add a cube of chicken broth to increase the flavor, and you can add some aromatic herbs such as parsley, mint, and dill, and add celery sticks or watercress.

Fat Burning Soup Program


The First Day

Fat Burning Soup first day
  • Eat fat burning soup diet at any time. Eat fresh fruits or natural juice and avoid juices that contain sugar. Eat watermelon and melon to burn extra calories, as all fruits are allowed except bananas.

Take into account drinking at least ten cups of water in several stages.

The Second Day

Fat Burning Soup second day

Eat hot soup at any time, and any kind of vegetables can be added to the soup and reduce the spices used, as it is possible to add a cube of chicken stock, and not to add more salt. During dinner, fat-burning soup is consumed in addition to a potato baked in the oven or boiled. It is strictly forbidden to eat fried potatoes. Continue to drink ten cups of water.

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The Third Day

third day

On the third day, it is forbidden to eat bananas, and it is allowed to eat all kinds of fruits. It is forbidden to eat potatoes and eat any type of vegetable, whether by adding it to soup or as a side dish.

The Fourth Day

fourth day

There is a diversification and change in the types of food on this day, as fat-burning soup is consumed at any time. Eating eight bananas to replace the potassium in the body as a result of diuresis that results from eating hot soup.

Distribute three servings of skim milk cups, which are drunk in separate stages with the addition of one tablespoon of oats for each cup of milk. Continuing to drink ten cups of water.

The Fifth Day

fivth day

Eat fat burning soup, plus a piece of chicken breast, a piece of veal fillet, or a piece of fish, and eat a quantity of tomatoes in separate stages.

Take into account drinking water of at least three liters to facilitate the process of digestion and excretion. Eat fat-burning soup with vegetables, except for potatoes.

The Sixth Day

sixth day

Eat one to three pieces of beef fillet or chicken breast. Keep drinking water constantly.

The Seventh Day

seventh day

Add rice to fat burning soup diet, where a person can eat whatever rice he wants, preferably brown rice. Adding any kind of vegetables except potatoes is strictly prohibited on the last day.