What are the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

benefits of dragon fruit

What are the Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit: Rich source of antioxidants, Dragon fruit contains a number of important antioxidants that contribute to protecting body cells from unstable molecules known as free radicals (associated with many chronic inflammatory and non-infectious diseases, including diabetes, aging diseases, and cancer), and the most important of these are The antagonists present in the core of the red dragon fruit, mention the following:

  • Betalain: It is a red pigment, found in the pulp of red dragon fruit, and it has a role in protecting low-density lipoprotein, or what is known as bad cholesterol (LDL) from oxidation or damage.
  • Hydroxycinnamates: These compounds were shown to have anti- cancer activity , according to test tubes and animal studies.
  • Flavonoids: This large variety of antioxidants is linked to brain health, in addition to reducing the risk of heart disease.

What are the health benefits of dragon fruit

benefits of dragon fruit

A rich source of vitamin C

The pulp of a whole dragon fruit provides a large amount of vitamin C , which is approximately 154% of the recommended daily amount of this vitamin, when a person consumes a diet containing 2000 calories per day.

A good source of magnesium

Magnesium is one of the minerals that contribute to hundreds of important biochemical reactions in the body, and magnesium may also be useful for relieving muscle spasms in the feet, a condition that athletes, women, or others may suffer from during pregnancy. Of people, but more studies are still needed to confirm this, it should be noted that consuming the pulp of a medium fruit of red dragon fruit provides approximately 17% of the recommended daily amount of this mineral.

 A rich source of healthy fats

Dragon fruit seeds have been found to contain many heart-healthy fatty acids, such as omega-3 , omega-9, and natural oils.

A rich source of fiber

Fiber is known to be an indigestible carbohydrate that has many health benefits, as it contributes to the digestive process, and may reduce the risk of heart disease , and contributes to controlling type 2 diabetes, maintaining a healthy weight, in addition to the possibility Reducing the risk of colon cancer, and it should be noted that there are no studies linking the consumption of dragon fruit with the previously mentioned benefits, but its high fiber content can contribute to obtaining the recommended daily requirement of fiber.

Promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine

A study published in the Journal of Food Chemistry in 2010 showed that eating red dragon fruit pulp that contains glucose, fructose, and a number of oligosaccharides may stimulate the growth of prebiotics or beneficial bacteria in Intestines, such as: Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria.

It should be noted that beneficial bacteria are bacteria naturally present in the human body, and they help the body to remain in good health, as it helps to resist harmful bacteria, digest food, in addition to producing some types of vitamins, and it can maintain the levels of beneficial bacteria in the body by The way to follow a balanced diet, rich in dietary fiber.

Dragon fruit benefits for pregnant women

Anemia during pregnancy is associated with a number of outcomes, such as infant death, premature labor, miscarriage, and low birth weight. the birth of a child less than 2500 grams weight, so it was conducted , about the potential impact of eating pregnant women infected with anemia caused by iron deficiency juice dragon fruit red, as it turns out that this juice may affect the hemoglobin levels And red blood cells in these women temporarily, so it is believed that red dragon fruit juice can be a good option to alleviate anemia during pregnancy, but despite these results, the pregnant woman should consult a doctor in the event of anemia to find out Appropriate treatment during this stage.

Side effect of dragon fruit

Consumption of dragon fruit can be considered safe, as there are no side effects or health risks associated with consuming it.

Precautions for using dragon fruit A few people can suffer from an allergy to the dragon fruit or its juice, and its symptoms are severe itching, swelling and redness of the skin, and swelling around the mouth, and it is worth noting that doctors have noticed an increase in the rate of sensitivity to this fruit, and people who may suffer from allergies should If you eat this fruit or its juice, consult your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

An overview of red dragon fruit

Dragon fruit, or pitaya fruit, or dragon fruit belongs to the Cactaceae family, as this fruit grows on the climbing cactus known as Hylocereus, which lives in tropical regions around the world. Its shape is similar to onions, and its seeds have a nutty flavor, and the pulp is red or white. In addition, this fruit is very juicy and has a slight sweetness, and some describe its taste as a mixed taste of kiwi fruit , pear fruit , and watermelon