7 Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit


Benefits of Dragon Fruit : Dragon fruit is very beneficial for health. It is also known as  “Pitahaya”. It is a succulent pink colored fruit belonging to the Cactus family. Its scientific name is Hiloceras undus. Dragon fruit contains many nutrients which protect us from various diseases and provide nutrition to the body.

Dragon fruit improves the immune system and helps in weight loss. It is rich in vitamin C and helps to make the skin healthy and young while reducing the problem of aging. This fruit is eat as salad, jelly or marmalade. Not only this, dragon fruit is beneficial for health in many ways. Below discuss 7 Amazing Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit one by one.

1. Nutrients in Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit is usually found in plenty of nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, calcium, fiber and magnesium. A dragon fruit has 60 calories, 2.9 grams of fiber and no harmful fat. Therefore, it is beneficial to include it in the diet.

2. Keeping Heart Healthy

Dragon fruit is rich in antioxidant properties which helps in preventing oxidation of cholesterol and prevents blood vessels from damaged. Along with this, it prevents the problem of heart stroke and high cholesterol.

3. Increase Immunity

Apart from lemons and oranges, dragon fruit is also have large quantity of vitamin C which protects cells from free radicals and helps to increase immunity. It has antioxidant and anti-toxic properties which helps the body to fight against diseases

4. Decrease Aging Symptoms

Dragon fruit is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant properties. It protects fatty acids and cell membranes from free radicals. In addition, it maintains the flexibility of the skin and prevents wrinkles. The vitamins found in dragon fruit repair damage cells and protect the skin from aging effects.

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5. Keep Away from Diabetes

According to a study, red dragon fruit contains beta cyanine which increases the good bacteria in the stomach and reduces obesity. Not only this, dragon fruit is also very beneficial in controlling diabetes.

6. Fights Against Cancer Cells

According to research, the antioxidant present in dragon fruit fights cancer cells in the body and the vitamin C and lycopene present in it are helpful in protecting against breast cancer.

7. Keep Swell Away

Dragon fruit is full of anti inflammatory properties which helps in relieving inflammation and pain. If you are suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis, taking Dragon Fruit can reduce the pain to a great extent.

In this way, dragon fruit is very effective in curing various diseases and is also very beneficial for health. Dragon fruit should be eat daily to stay healthy and fit.