Best Foods to Boost Metabolism Naturally


We have heard a lot about metabolism and we have a lot of confusion about it. Metabolism is nothing but the process of turning your food into energy. Reducing metabolism will increase your weight and even if you do not consume more calories you will gain weight. Remember, the faster our metabolism takes place, the faster we burn our calories.

Exercise and a balanced diet can always help, but nothing works without a healthy diet. Here is a list of some foods that can help boost your metabolism, according to nutrition experts.

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Top 5 Foods to Boost Metabolism Naturally


Protein rich foods are one of the best options for boosting egg metabolism. Eggs are rich in protein, each poached egg contains 6.29 g (g) of protein. This is a great way to speed up their metabolism. Protein is one of the most effective nutrients to increase the metabolic rate. The branched-chain of egg whites contains amino acids which will greatly increase your metabolism.


Adding ginger to a meal can increase body temperature and metabolic rate and help control appetite. Studies have shown that ginger effectively helps to lose weight and boost metabolism. Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and is beneficial for the health of the body.

Green Tea

Research in recent years has proven that green tea has a positive impact on health. According to a small-scale study involving 63 people with type 2 diabetes, drinking 4 cups of green tea every day significantly reduces body weight, body mass index (BMI), waist size, and systolic blood pressure.

green tea drinking among other benefits

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and has antioxidant properties.

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Coffee has a caffeine content in coffee which promotes metabolism. Caffeine intake is said to have an effect on the body’s energy and contribute to increased metabolism. Decaffeinated coffee does not increase metabolism. Also, adding cream or sugar increases its caloric content, which can work against metabolism.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables such as palak, cabbage and other leaves may increase their metabolism due to their iron content. Iron is essential for metabolism, growth and development. Leafy greens are the source of non-heme or non-animal iron. Try combining leafy greens with a vitamin C source, such as lemon, tomato, or winter squash – this will increase the body’s absorption of iron.

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