What is a Cancer and How Many Types Of Cancer

What is Cancer

What is Cancer – Types Of Cancer : Cancer is a disease that begins to occupy our body in a very calm way and gradually engulfs us completely. But by recognizing some of its symptoms and treating it on time, it can be defeated.

Even today, cancer is a deadly disease, but if it is detected at an early stage then it can be got rid of. We have many examples from Bollywood celebrities to Yuvraj Singh of cricket. Those who have come out fighting this disease. Yes, its treatment is very expensive and is available in very few places. Let us first know how many types of cancer are usually and what are the symptoms …

Experts say that cancer can be of more than 200 types. Also, all these symptoms also vary. But today we will talk about only those types of cancer that are making human life increasingly a victim. The special thing is that most of these cancers are such that we can prevent them from flourishing in our body due to our awareness. Let us know what are the most common types of cancer.

Cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is considered to be the fastest cancer in women after breast cancer. Women are somewhat careless about their health anyway. Because of which this cancer gets full opportunity to grow and it reaches a fatal state. In cervical cancer, the uterine cells of the woman grow irregularly, which gradually takes the form of cancer.

Symptoms of cervical cancer

Symptoms of cervical cancer begin to appear at a very early stage in women. Life can be saved from this disease by getting treatment at the right time. In this, things like women having pain during sex, sudden discharge from vagina with red blood cells, excessive fatigue, pain in the waist and legs, increased irritability and feeling of mind in some work are constantly happening.

Breast cancer

Breast cancer usually occurs in women. But this does not mean that men do not fall prey to this disease. Breast cancer also makes men a victim. During this cancer, women initially have a lump-like feeling in their breast, which slowly spreads and reaches a fatal state. To avoid this, it is important that you keep your breast checkup regularly.

Blood cancer

Blood cancer has also been prominently among the most widely spread cancers. In this disease, cancer starts in the blood cells of human body. Due to this, there is a lack of blood in the body and it starts spreading rapidly throughout the body.

Skin cancer

Cases of skin cancer are also coming up very fast. Experts say that this cancer thrives in conditions like being in very high sunlight for a long time, not taking the right diet and not having physical activity. This cancer engulfs people of every age group

Brain cancer

You can understand from the name that this cancer grows in the brain part of a person. Brain cancer is also known as brain tumor. In this situation, a tumor is formed in the brain, which slowly spreads and takes hold of the whole body of the human being.

Bone cancer

One type of cancer is bone cancer. It attacks the bones of the human body. Usually, this cancer makes children or elderly victims. Experts believe that the lack of calcium in the body. People whose bones are weak

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is a cancer in the prostate gland of the body. It is increasingly making men its prey. The special thing is that this cancer is known very late and due to lack of information, people continue to get treatment in the wrong direction. This is the reason why this cancer is spreading very fast. Experts say that if the situation remains the same then the patients of this cancer will double in the next few years.

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer, ie cancer in the pancreas, impairs one’s appetite. Continuous weakness, bad mood, vomiting, and burning sensation in the stomach all the time. This cancer is usually caused by high fat food and high intake of red meat. Also, staying more in the place of pollution and smoking more is also coming as a major cause of this cancer.

Lung cancer

Lung cancer greatly worsens the condition of human lungs. Difficulty in breathing, phlegm problem all the time, pain in bones and joints does not cause hunger. Feeling of weakness is the initial symptom of feeling tired all the time. This type of cancer also spreads more due to pollution and smoking.