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How to upload a video to YouTube

Upload a Video to YouTube using Browser in PC or Laptop

The following are the steps to upload a video to the user’s YouTube account through the browser on the computer:

  • Step:1 Sign in to your YouTube account by clicking on the following link: Click here .
  • Step:2 Click on the YouTube video download icon at the top of the screen, which appears as a camera.
  • Step:3 Choose the option to upload a video.
  • Step:4 Choose the video you want to post to YouTube from the files on your computer.
  • Step:5 Determine the privacy settings for the video to be published on YouTube, in case the user desires to do so, and include: first typing the title, then writing the detailed description of the clip to enhance the chance of it appearing in the search results, then adding the tags that clarify the content of the clip; If the video is funny, you can include keywords such as: funny comedy in the tags, and you can also access the advanced settings and select the age group that fits the video, the category, specify the video’s language and the ability to add subtitles to it, and other available options.
  • Step:6 Wait for the video to load, and during this period it is possible to edit the information about the video.
  • Step:7 Modify the option to appear either public or private, or set a date to schedule the video to appear for the year.
  • Step:8 Click Save or Schedule.
  • Step:9 Clicking on one of the options to share the video on social media platforms if the user so desires.
  • Step:10 Clicking the “Close” button.

Upload a Video to YouTube using the YouTube Application in Android and iOS

The following are the steps to publish a video on YouTube through the application on the user’s mobile phone:

  • Step:1 Open the pre-installed YouTube mobile app.
  • Step:2 Click on the camera icon at the top of the screen.
  • Step:3 Choose the video you want to post.
  • Step:4 Putting some modifications to the video, such as: cutting, or applying a filter to it, and putting a title for the video, and a description of the video.
  • Step:5 Set privacy options.
  • Step:6 Click on Upload.

YouTube View of the Video

YouTube modifies the way the video appears immediately upon its publication, in order to suit the size of the video, and whether the video is filmed horizontally, vertically, or square. Both sides of it – because that will prevent YouTube from showing it in the best possible way.

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