How to See Who Blocked You on Instagram?

See Who Blocked You on Instagram

Human nature is designed to seek or sometimes crave validation from anyone for everything they do. Along with validation, they have interest in knowing who can’t stand them on social media. It includes their exes, enemies, so-called-friends, creepy coworkers, or clingy family members.

It shows the actual presence of the account and its user on the platforms and lets potential Instagram followers to be aware that this account is the trendsetter and authentic. To gain recognition, you have to do something prominent for it. In this article, we’ve figured out the way to see the people who’ve blocked you on Instagram.

How Blocking Works On Instagram?

On Instagram, there are multiple ways of checking and determining which account has blocked you, even if you’ve suspected it by yourself or detected it from someone. You don’t get any type of notifications from Instagram, if you’ve been blocked by someone and there’s a possibility that you would never know that. The easiest way of figuring out whether or not someone has blocked you is to simply search for that particular account on Instagram through your Android or iPhone device. However, there are many different steps which you can take to determine who has restricted you from looking for their account on Instagram.

You may notice the absence of someone’s post or story from Instagram, this can make you suspicious that either they haven’t posted anything in a while or they may have blocked you. However, the most wearing thing about Instagram is the blocked account gets no notification about being blocked, so they can’t even know what action to take against it. Yet, it isn’t entirely very difficult to figure out if you’ve been blocked, there are some sim[;e ways of finding out, regardless of the device you’re using.

Figuring out the people who’ve blocked you

Here are some quick and easy steps to check who blocked you on Instagram.

For Smartphone Users


The initial step is to simply search for the account that might have blocked you. Either the account shows private or you can’t find that account anywhere, both results mean that you’ve been blocked by that person.


However, if that account is public and their profile picture, posts, following, or followers count isn’t visible to you on their page then it means that they’ve blocked you. Moreover, if you can not see the photo grid and ‘No Posts Yet’ sign appears, this also means that you’ve been blocked by that user.

For Desktop Users

If you’re a desktop user, all you have to do is simply search the URL, instead of what we’ve written after slash you can just type the Instagram handle of the person you want to check. This can result in two ways. If the Instagram account appeared on your screen showing their highlights, stories, and posts, then obviously they haven’t blocked you. However, if you get an error while searching and the page reads unavailability, then that person has most likely blocked you or they’ve deleted or deactivated their own account.

According to a famous Instagram blogger on Insider, if you are sure that their account exists on Instagram but it doesn’t appear when you search it, it’s because you’re blocked by them. You have to transform into a detective for checking the authenticity of Instagram and go for the accounts, you can guarantee that person might have followed. After then you can simply check their followings, comments, or automatic Instagram likes. If you can find any that means you have been blocked.

For this matter, you may take help from your friends or family, and even creating a new Instagram account works too. Just search the person that blocked you according to your suspicions. 


We all know that Instagram is one of the leading platforms for teenagers, adults, celebrities, and influencers worldwide. So, getting blocked by an Instagram account is a big deal, especially when you know someone. Not only that but you can’t get the verification badge, a blue checkmark placed at the end of your Instagram username, if you have a low amount of followers. Now, you know the easy ways of determining and catching people that might secretly be unfollowing or blocking you on Instagram.