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What is Social Media?

What is the Best Definition of Social Media

What is social media? Social media is defined as the applications and websites that are used to communicate with others, and to disseminate information over the global Internet through computers or mobile phones, and social media also refers to any online communication tool that allows users can share content and publish across a wide range, it is worth mentioning that the means to communicate the content of the social is created by a large number of users up to a few million, in contrast to the content that is available through the means of communication and traditional , which is created from just a few people before .

Types of Social Media

What is Social Media

Social media is classified into several types, as follows:

Social media networks

It is the most popular type of various social media, which are the sites that are used to communicate with others and form relationships with them, and also allow the dissemination of information, pictures, and videos through them among users, and examples of this type of communication are; Site Facebook , and Twitter, and LinkedIn. Also read: Should you invest in emailing when you are a young company?

Post Media Networks

It is the virtual social platforms that are concerned with creating images and videos, and then sharing them with other users. Among the most famous examples of this type of social media are; Instagram and YouTube.

Blogging Social Networks

Or what is known as blogs , which are networks that allow the user to publish specific content of his own through them, so that that content is interacted by other users who view it.

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Discussion Networks

It is the social media concerned with discussing and commenting on news, information, opinions, and this type is suitable for preparing marketing research as well. Where questions can be asked to be answered through comments made by other users, and the most famous examples of this type of means are: Reddit and Quora.

Audit Networks

They are the sites that display information related to a specific service or product to find out the opinions of other users of that product or service, and these platforms are of great benefit to both the consumer and the seller; Where the consumer can know the positive and negative comments of any service or product, as these sites do not allow the possibility to delete any negative comment placed by any user, and it is of benefit to companies as it provides them with feedback on the opinion of the public about the commercial activity of that company, Which can be used to improve the product and provide better service.

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Features of Social Media

What is Social Media

Social media has many characteristics, the most important of which are:

Relying on the user

Regular Internet sites depend on publishing certain content through them by one user and allowing site visitors to access and read it, meaning that the content development process takes place from one direction only, as for the various social media platforms depend almost entirely on users, and without them it will be completely empty, as it allows For the users themselves to create their own content, which makes them more dynamic and exciting sites for their users.

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The advantage of social media is that it allows users to interact greatly. Where the user can interact with other users in many ways, whether by chatting with them, or by playing games with them, or other methods of interaction provided by those platforms.

Community Driven Reliance

Building social media depends on the existence of groups of users who share common denominators, such as: beliefs, hobbies, or interests, and social media is similar to that with the method of building real societies, which is based on bringing together individuals who share a certain thing together.


Social media has the power to connect people from all over the world with each other.


Which Social media enjoys allowing users to search for the content they want, and this is done through the built-in search tools through those means.

Create a Virtual identity

On social media, it is allowed to create virtual accounts or profiles for its users.

The Use of Social Media

What is Social Media

Social media includes many types of websites and applications, and the functions and importance of these sites and applications vary according to their type, but they generally require a user’s Internet connection to be able to use them, and therefore anyone connected to the Internet can create an account to register on one of these virtual social networks; By filling in some necessary information, such as: the user’s name, and his e-mail address.

The user can, through his account or profile, create content that he can publish through social media to other users, and he can also find new people from different places with the aim of interacting with them, as this is done by following their accounts or commenting on any of their various activities that they publish through those platforms Social.

Include the means of social communication is often known as a feed or summary which is established by means of social communication using certain mathematical algorithms companies offer user specific content appears to him, according to his personal profile, and includes; Content posted by other users that the same user follows, in addition to the paid ads that appear to specific users targeted by the advertiser through those platforms.


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