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How to Speed up Metabolism Naturally in Few Days?

How to Speed up Metabolism Naturally in Few Days?

Metabolism is a group of chemical processes that affect the body’s ability to convert fats, sugars and proteins into energy. With a fast metabolism, the body produces energy more efficiently, while a slow metabolism makes it less successful, which means accumulating calories.

Common symptoms of slow metabolism are excess weight, lack of libido, dizziness, shivering, shallow breathing, cramps, muscle weakness, dry eyes, hoarseness.

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Harmful Substances

There are also a typical symptoms that indicate that the metabolism is slow, and some of them are cold hands and feet, insomnia, slowness of movement, speech and thoughts, tingling in the hands and feet, difficulty swallowing, dry skin, loss of appetite, headache, decline hair, constipation, weak immunity.

But the good news is that we can speed up our metabolism, and very simply – by changing our life habits. We must reduce stress to a minimum, sleep well, drink enough fluids, and exercise regularly.

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Morning is the best part of the day when you need to take care of your metabolism. How much harmful substances and fats will accumulate in the body depends on its speed. Metabolic rate depends on various factors, such as genetics, weight or age.

In most people, the metabolism slows down in the forties, which is why it comes from gaining weight. But even though all this is beyond our control, it is possible to affect the speed of metabolism. And the faster the metabolism, the faster the calorie burning.

A Successful Day

Don’t eat too late – it’s a mistake made by a large number of people. There are fewer and fewer who have time for breakfast, but this unhealthy habit can be detrimental to metabolism. If you eat breakfast as soon as you wake up, your metabolism will start working earlier. It would be best to have a breakfast rich in protein, which will give you energy for a successful start to the day.

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Exercise in the Morning

Exercising in the morning burns more calories than exercising in any other part of the day. You can find exercises and workouts that don’t take you much time and that can become part of your morning routine. Many are unnecessarily afraid of strength training. If you want to lose weight, you need to include this type of training in your routine and just forget about cardio workouts.

More Frequent Meals

Muscle building is very important because resting metabolism is faster in people with a higher proportion of muscle. The body needs water to burn calories, and even in a state of mild dehydration the metabolism slows down. More frequent meals are also a great way to speed up your metabolism, so it is possible for people who eat something constantly to be leaner. Ideal snacks are fresh fruits, salads, cereals…

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Don’t Sit for too Long

Numerous studies have found that prolonged sitting directly affects metabolism. Therefore, experts recommend stretching and light exercise every 30 minutes to successfully start your metabolism.

Enough Sleep

Lack of sleep leads to lack of energy, which means that the body will use fewer calories during the day. The solution is enough sleep. This is crucial not only for body weight but for health in general.

Protein will Saturate you

Protein plays an important role in achieving and maintaining an ideal weight. Compared to carbohydrates and fats, they have a relatively high “thermal effect of food”, a parameter that measures the increase in metabolism that occurs after digestion. Protein will saturate you quickly – you will be full with minimal calorie intake.

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