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What is Black Fungus: Know Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Black Fungus, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment: Black fungus or mucarmycosis is very much in discussion these days. Some are calling it the post-effect of Covid, while some are calling it another epidemic. However, the fungus of black color is present in the environment from the beginning. But, right now it is being seen in certain types of patients.

This condition has been observed in most immunocompromised patients. Dr. explains that immunocompromise here means patients whose immunity has been affected during the course of the disease. Such as sugar, chemo therapist, HIV, cancer and kidney and liver transplant patients, the risk of this disease is also high. Apart from this, patients who are getting admitted in ICU and getting treatment for many days are also at risk. Dr. also told that those who have an immune strong need not be afraid of it.

black fungus

Is this a post effect of Covid?

Experts say that this Covid is not a post effect at all. Rather, after being infected with Corona, whose immunity has become very weak. They are more likely to have such a situation.

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Symptoms of black fungus or mucarmycosis

  • Cold cold
  • Head heaviness
  • Pain around the eyes
  • Getting something like a black fungus during runny nose
  • Reddening of the eyes (such as occurs after infection)
  • Watery eyes

May remove eyes

Dr. explains that mucarmycosis is such an organism due to which removal of the eye can occur. If it becomes severe then the brain parts of the patient can also be damaged. Also, the bones of nose and other places can also be dry.

What are the Treatment

Therefore, treatment should be started on time. If Dr. believes, there is no need to take any home remedies to prevent it, but immediately try to control it by taking medicine in consultation with the doctor. They state that prolonged consumption of steroids is also a major cause of fungal infections.

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