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LG Electronics Launch Wireless Charging Technology for Electric Scooters

LG Electronics on Monday introduced wireless charging technology for electric scooters. Petrol prices continue to rise. In some countries, petrol crops cannot be touched. There are some attempts to use fuel as an alternative to petrol. In recent times, Korea and Japan have preferred electric scooters.

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Eco-friendly, pollution-free electric vehicles are winning the hearts of many. Several Japanese and Korean countries have shown a strong interest in buying this scooter. But people were thinking that this scooter is difficult to charge. The LG company has now come up with a solution. The scooter had to be charged by using wire in the past. Now the wireless charger has been developed.

LG says it has installed electric scooter wireless charging stations in Buchian, west of Seoul, in partnership with local electric scooter sharing service provider Kikgoing.

Both companies will review the usefulness and safety of electric scooter wireless charging solutions for the next six months before expanding wireless charger stations to Seoul and other areas.

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The LG company says that there are currently 20 wireless charging kickspots available in Buchian’s five parking zones and are installed with wireless charging receiver pads.

Two companies expect the latest solutions to increase efficiency in electric scooter sharing services and bring in more users. They plan to offer a discount to users who return their scooters to wireless charging stations.

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