White Fungus hit India after Black Fungus: Know Symptoms, Prevention

White Fungus

White Fungus: After the Black Fungus, there is a stir after getting the White Fungus, it is more dangerous, this is how it attacks. So far, a new problem has emerged for people battling black fungus (mucormycosis) due to corona virus, which is named – white fungus. There has been chaos due to its four patients being found in a hospital in Patna, Bihar. This disease is considered more deadly than black fungus.

Among the patients infected with white fungus in Patna are a famous specialist from Patna. White fungus is the main cause of lung infection and besides the lungs, it also infects the skin, nails, inner part of the mouth, stomach and intestines, kidneys, genitals and brain etc.

According to Dr. SN Singh, head of the Department of Microbiology at Patna Medical College and Hospital (PMCH), so far four such patients have been found to have symptoms like Covid-19. But he was infected with white fungus, not corona. All three of the corona test patients had rapid antigen, rapid antibody, and RT-PCR tests, which, upon investigation, were cured only with anti-fungal drugs. There are also famous surgeons from Patna who were admitted to the Corona ward in a large private hospital. Investigation revealed that he was suffering from white fungus.

Symptoms of White Fungus

Similar to corona, The symptoms of lung infection from white fungus are similar to that of corona in HRCT, due to which it is difficult to distinguish whether there is corona or white fungus. Because in such patients rapid antigen and RT-PCR test is negative. Rapid antibody test of such patients and mucus culture should be done for fungus. Corona patients who are on oxygen support can infect their lungs.

Who is in more danger

People with diabetes, antibiotic or long-term steroids, cancer patients who are on medication take it quickly.

In the newborn, it occurs in the form of diaper candidosis. In which cream colored white spots appear. In young children it causes oral thrust, while in women it is the main cause of leucorrhea.

Do this to avoid

Patients who are on oxygen or ventilator, their oxygen or ventilator equipment especially tubes etc. should be bacteria free.

Strengthened water should be used in the oxygen cylinder humidifier, the oxygen that goes into the lungs of the patient should be free from fungus.

Patients who have rapid antigen and RT-PCR test negative and who have corona-like symptoms in HRCT should undergo rapid antibody test,

The fungus culture of mucus should also be investigated.

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