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Tulsi (Basil) Benefits, Nutrients, Uses and Side Effects

Tulsi is a medicinal plant and this plant has special significance in Hinduism. Tulsi benefits and its religious importance are worshiped in many homes. The use of tulsi is also mentioned in detail in Ayurveda and at the present time all kinds of research is being done about the properties and uses of Tulsi and many researches confirm its properties written in Ayurveda. .

Two types of tulsi have been described in Ayurveda: Hari Tulsi and Kali Tulsi. However, there is not much difference in the chemical composition of these two and both are beneficial for health. At present, basil is used prominently as a home remedy for many diseases. It is believed that mosquitoes with malaria run away by planting a basil plant at home. Eating basil leaves on an empty stomach in the morning protects against many diseases. On the other hand, if you take basil and honey together, the benefits of basil increase manifold.

Nutrients found in Tulsi

Tulsi leaves are a storehouse of vitamins and minerals. It mainly contains vitamin C, calcium, zinc, iron and chlorophyll. Apart from this, citric, tartaric and malic acid are found in Tulsi.

Medicinal properties of tulsi

Tulsi has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. It plays a major role in relieving stomach problems including loss of appetite, gas problems, kidney problems, water retention, herpes etc. It is considered beneficial to use tulsi even when a snake or any insect is bitten. Seeing the usefulness of Tulsi, many companies that manufacture Ayurvedic medicines have started using Tulsi in their products. Apart from this, basil is also used in many products related to cosmetics.

How to use Tulsi (Basil)

Every part of the tulsi plant is beneficial. Tulsi leaves are used more for consumption, while Ayurveda also mentions the benefits of basil seeds and flowers. You can eat basil leaves chewed directly or put it in tea and boil it and eat it. After drying the basil leaves and store it well, it can be used for several days. Nowadays, Tulsi Swaras, Tulsi Churna, Tulsi capsules and tablets, Tulsi decoction and Tulsi extracts are easily available in the market. You can use any of these at your convenience.

By the way, consuming a few basil leaves daily is beneficial for health, but if you are using it as a medicine, then take special care of its dosage. In this article, talks about the advantages, disadvantages and uses of Tulsi.

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Benefits of Tulsi (Basil)

Tulsi Benefits

The benefits of tulsi (tulsi health) are countless and for this reason in Ayurveda it has been considered similar to Sanjeevani herb. It increases memory, increases the body’s ability to fight against diseases as well as prevents many types of diseases. Let us know in detail about the major benefits of Tulsi.

Help to relieve stress and anxiety

According to the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine, the anti-depressant and anti-anxiety abilities present in basil leaves have the same effect as many anti-depressant medicines. According to Ayurvedic experts, by consuming basil leaves daily, you can get relief from stress and depression.

Tulsi benefits for cough and cold

Basil leaves have properties that are very effective in relieving cold and cough. Especially the decoction prepared from basil and ginger dilutes the phlegm and relieves the problem of blocked nose. Chronic cough is also cured by taking basil.

Uses of tulsi for conjunctivitis in comfort

Although there is less scientific research in this regard, it has been observed that the use of Tulsi helps in getting relief from conjunctivitis. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties present in basil reduce eye inflammation and prevent further infection.

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Control of diabetes (uses of tulsi for diabetes)

Basil leaves help in controlling the level of blood sugar which keeps diabetes under control. Research on animals and humans suggests that the use of Tulsi reduces diabetes problems such as increased insulin levels in the blood, weight gain, hypertension, etc. If you are taking Tulsi regularly, it prevents diabetes.

Tulsi benefits for fever

Basil leaves are also effective in relieving mild fever. Fever is cured by drinking extracts of basil leaves in case of flu. In the same way, fever occurring in cold and cold can also be cured with the help of tulsi in hindi. However, if the fever is very high and is not cured by home remedies, then please consult the doctor.

If you have fever due to cold, then grind basil, ginger and liquorice and take it with honey.

Tulsi leaves help in lowering blood pressure

Basil (tulsi in hindi) decreases the blood pressure of the body. It directly affects the endothelin enzyme, which plays an important role in controlling blood pressure. So high blood pressure patients can use Tulsi.

Uses of tulsi for headache

If you are tired from the office work throughout the day and because of this, you often have a mild headache, then tulsi is very beneficial for you. Basil has properties that give quick relief from mild headache.

Intake method: Drink 5-6 basil leaves in tea.

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Tulsi benefits for skin

If you are troubled by pimples coming out on the face, then you can get rid of them today with the use of tulsi. Tulsi has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well as blood cleansing capabilities. Apart from pimples, it also protects against skin related diseases like ringworm, itching and leucoderma etc.

For pimples: Make a paste by adding rose water and multani mitti to basil powder and apply it on the face before bathing. Use it twice a week for best results.

Help to increase immunity

Basil leaves increase the body’s immunity. This is the reason that regular intake of Tulsi reduces the risk of infectious diseases such as colds and colds.

Help to increase memory

Tulsi has anti-depressant capabilities and it calms the mind as well as enhances the functionality of the brain. Taking it regularly strengthens your memory.

Helps to remove mouth odor

If your mouth often smells and you have to feel embarrassed due to this, then you should take basil leaves. Basil leaves are helpful in removing bad odor of the mouth.

Tulsi benefits for eyes

According to Ayurveda, the juice of Tulsi leaves has properties that help increase eye light. Especially they are very beneficial for night blind patients.

Tulsi side effects and precautions

Of course, the benefits of tulsi (tulsi ke fayde) are numerous but if you consume any Ayurvedic herb in more quantity than necessary, it can harm your health. This is also true in the case of Tulsi, due to its excessive intake or consuming it incorrectly, Tulsi side effects may suffer. Let us know in detail about the loss of basil.

Risk of lowering blood sugar level:

Blood sugar level of the body is reduced by taking tulsi in hindi. So if you are already eating blood sugar level medicines, then avoid excessive intake of basil or consult a doctor.

Avoid during the treatment of impotence

If you are a male and are taking anti-infertility treatment at this time, then avoid taking basil. Warm basil of basil can affect your fertility.

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Avoid during pregnancy

Consumption of basil should be avoided during pregnancy. If you want to take tulsi in Hindi during this time, do it under the supervision of a doctor because it can cause contraction in the uterus. Tulsi should be avoided during pregnancy as well as during breastfeeding.

Avoid intake during surgery

It has been observed that basil may slow down the process of blood clotting, which may increase the risk of bleeding during or after surgery. So if you are going to have any surgery, then stop the consumption of basil before two weeks. .

Along with the medicinal properties of Tulsi, its religious importance is also very high. According to Hinduism, the houses where the Tulsi plant is planted, along with economic progress brings happiness, peace and prosperity. Seeing these tulsi health benefits, most people plant Tulsi in their homes.

Now you know well the advantages and disadvantages of Tulsi. Now use it according to your need and disease and stay healthy. If you have any problem during the consumption of Tulsi, contact the doctor immediately.

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