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Benefits of Green Apples – Nutrients

Benefits of Green Apples – Nutrients

Benefits of green apples : The apple of the most popular fruit in the world, and is the fruit of the apple tree ( in English: Malus domestica), which originated in Central Asia, but they are grown all over the world, containing a wide range of nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C , and antioxidants Different oxidation; Which may have many health benefits for the body according to what studies have found, in addition to containing low calories , and this fruit is characterized by its delicious taste and is usually eaten raw, or in the form of juices and drinks, and is used in multiple types of food recipes, and we will eat while The most important benefits that green apples provide to the body.

Nutrients Quantity

The nutritional value of apples The following table shows the nutritional value of apple fruit per serving, or the equivalent of 100 grams:

Calories52 calories
water85.56 m
Protein0.26 g
Total fat0.17 g
Carbohydrates13.81 grams
fibers2.4 g
Calcium6 grams
Iron0.12 mg
magnesium5 grams
Potassium107 milligrams
Zinc0.04 mg
Phosphorus11 mg
vitamin C4.6 milligrams
Vitamin A54 international units
Vitamin K2.2g
Vitamin B20.026 mg
Folate3 micrograms

9 Benefits of green apples

Apples are a rich source of vitamin C and polyphenols. In order to obtain the full benefits of apples, it is recommended to eat the whole apple with its peel, as the shell contains half of the fibers and many of the polyphenols, and studies have indicated that healthy people can eat two apples daily, and have Apples have many health benefits for the body, including the following:

1. Benefits of green apples for weight loss

An apples are rich in fiber and water, and also contains natural compounds that may enhance weight loss. A study found that eating apples slices before eating increases the feeling of satiety, which led to a reduction in calories by 200 calories compared to others Also, another study was conducted on obese mice, where they were given supplemented ground apple and concentrated apple juice, which resulted in weight loss , low total cholesterol, bad cholesterol, and triglycerides .

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2. Promotes heart health

As apples are rich in soluble fibers that may help lower cholesterol levels in the blood, apples also contain polyphenols, which have antioxidant properties, and one of these polyphenols is flavonoid ; Which can reduce blood pressure, and studies have found that eating large amounts of flavonoids is associated with a 20% lower risk of strokes , in addition to that it may help prevent heart disease by reducing the oxidation of harmful cholesterol.

3. Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes

As many studies have found that eating an apple a day or a few apples during the week is associated with reducing the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 28% compared to not eating it, and apples contain polyphenols that help to protect Beta cells, which are responsible for insulin secretion from the pancreas , are usually damaged in patients with type 2 diabetes.

4. Promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria

These bacteria are present in the intestine; Which feeds on pectin, a type of fiber found in apples, and this may be a reason to make apples have a positive effect in reducing the risk of obesity , type II diabetes, as well as heart disease.

5. Reducing the incidence of cancer

A study of women also found that consuming apples is associated with reducing the death rate from cancer .

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6. Enhances the immune system

It may also help to combat asthma, as apples are rich in antioxidants that may help protect the lung from oxidative damage, and in a study of 68,000 women it was found that those who eat apples have a lower risk of developing asthma, and the apple peel also contains a type Of flavonoids called Quercetin, which helps reduce inflammation and regulate the immune system .

7. Promotes bone health

As apples contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory drugs that may help boost bone density and strength, according to what the researchers believe, and another study was conducted on women who ate a meal containing apples and found that the loss of calcium from the body they had was less compared to others. Apples may also contribute to maintaining bone mass with age.

8. Protects the lining of the stomach

Chlorogenic acid and the Catechin compound in apples may help reduce stomach lining injuries as a result of taking anti-inflammatory medications called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication (English: Nonsteroidal anti- inflammatory drug).

9. Enhances memory

As apple juice may contribute to preserving acetylcholine (English: Acetylcholin); It is a neurotransmitter whose levels can decrease with age. Low levels of this vector are associated with Alzheimer’s disease .