Know How to Make a Free Website and its Benefits


Make a Free Website: Nowadays the trend of earning money sitting at home by creating a website has increased a lot all over the world. This is a very easy and good way to earn money sitting at home through your laptop and mobile. It is very easy to make a website, for this you do not need to work hard, put a little bit of your time and mind and start your website work in no time.

As nowadays every work was done online, then this is the easiest and best way to earn money sitting at home by creating a website. You can also create a website for free without investing any money, for this you will not have to spend a single penny. If you want that you also do business online and earn money, then you will not get a better option than this. Some people are fond of making a website with their passion even without a business, then they can also easily create a website for free and can take advantage of it.

There are many ways to make a website for free. Today we will tell you that by giving a little information you can easily create a free website.

Make a Free Website

How to Make a Free Website on Google

  1. First of all activate internet connection in your laptop and mobile. Now open any of your browser in it. Now go to and click.
  2. After this you will see a page on which it will be written Create your blog, click on it. Now you have to enter your one gmail id and password to create a free blog. After entering it click on OK.
  3. Now after login you will see a page Create new blog. Click on it, now a new page will open, it will be written on the title, address and theme. This page is for creating a site.
  4. After doing this, enter the name of your website in the title, in the address you write along with the name of your website. If you have accepted your address and title, then now select your theme.
  5. After doing this, you click on the final OK. Click on Create Blog where it is written. This is the last step in creating your website. Now your website is ready, now according to your website you can start your work easily.

Benefits of Creating a Website

  1. You can easily earn both money and name with the help of your website. With this you can also earn money sitting at home, this is one of the best and best way to earn money.
  2. With its help, you can also increase your knowledge. You are aware of all the activities going on in the world day by day and with the help of all the information you can reach it to everyone.
  3. Through the website, you can share your thoughts with the whole world. If you have any such thoughts in your mind that you want everyone to know, then with the help of the website you can reach everyone.
  4. Website is the best way to increase your knowledge, earn money, and spread your ideas to others. Nowadays, with a little internet knowledge, you can easily create a website and you can also earn money.

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