What is Virtual RAM in Smartphone and How it Works, Know Every Detail Here

There is a word – virtual RAM, which is making a lot of headlines these days. But do you know anything about it? After all, why is it being told necessary for smartphones? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Today we are going to give you the answer to every question related to virtual RAM, so that there is no confusion in your mind. Right now, this virtual RAM feature that comes with the flagship phone is now getting you in budget phones too. It is expected that many smartphones may be introduced with this feature in the coming time. So let’s know how beneficial virtual RAM is and how much it affects the performance of the phone.

Generally, people understand the meaning of RAM – Random Access Memory. But terms like Virtual RAM or Extended RAM are new to people. To understand the whole concept of virtual RAM, it becomes necessary that you first understand what is RAM? Talking about the RAM of the smartphone, it is a volatile memory, which is comparatively faster than any other type of storage.

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Whenever you open an application on your phone, it is called a process. In the background this process is stored on the physical RAM. This is the reason that when you open the app, it opens without delay. In simple words, virtual RAM is a facility where any part of your phone’s internal storage is used as virtual RAM.

virtual RAM

How does virtual RAM work?

As you must be understanding from the name that this is a virtual RAM, which means that you will not see it physically in the phone. This is the internal part of your phone, which reserves a part of your phone’s internal storage to store temporary files. Whenever more RAM is required, it is used.

Let us tell you that whether it is a smartphone or a computer or a PC… the lesser the RAM, the more the performance of the device will be slow.

Whenever you open more than one app on the smartphone, then at such a time there is a big role of RAM. Because at this time you are using a large part of RAM. In this situation virtual RAM plays an important role. Virtual RAM serves to send temporary files to the reserve internal storage. Due to this, more space is available in the physical RAM to load more applications.

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What is RAM Optimization?

Not all smartphones have the facility of virtual RAM. In such a situation, when the available RAM is exhausted by opening multiple apps in phones that do not have this feature, then Android optimization starts deleting the temporary files related to the apps in the background. This process is called RAM optimization. With its help, you will be able to use new apps easily. But it also has a drawback, because when you visit old apps again, they restart again. That is, here you have left the app open, it will not open from there, it will open again.

Physical RAM Vs Virtual RAM?

Now let us understand whether virtual RAM is also as good as physical RAM. That is, it is beneficial. If you compare both, then physical RAM is always faster than virtual RAM in terms of performance. Let us also understand the reason behind this. Actually, RAM speed is always faster than internal storage, when we use expandable virtual RAM, a lot of data gets transferred from RAM to internal storage. After that it comes back again in RAM. In the case of RAM, there is no need to do anything manually, because whenever more RAM is needed, the smartphone does this work itself.

Why is this feature being given in smartphones?

By the way, this technology is not new. Already PC users use this technology. But nowadays most of the work of people is being done by smartphones, so they are needing more RAM in smartphones too. Till some time ago, people used to work in 4 GB RAM also, but over time the dependence of people on smartphones has increased, so companies are also working on the RAM of the smartphone. Actually, adding more RAM through hardware is not only difficult but also expensive, so companies have started offering virtual RAM facility to customers without additional cost.

Features of Virtual RAM:

1- Having virtual RAM makes the phone even more special, as customers get more RAM at a lower price point.
2- You do not have to spend much on physical RAM and the phone also gives good performance.
3- No phone with 6 GB + 2 GB virtual RAM will give the same performance as a phone with 8 GB RAM, but it is definitely that it can be cheaper than that.
4- Offers better RAM management.
5- This feature can prove to be very beneficial for gamers and heavy multitasking people, because more RAM is required for these tasks.

Drawbacks of Virtual RAM:

1- This feature comes in handy even when additional storage is needed. It uses the free internal storage as temporary RAM.
2- If already your phone is close to the total internal storage capacity. Also, the virtual RAM space is also full, in which case the phone will only use the dedicated RAM, which is already there.

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