8 Best Apps to Download Music


Downloading music or listening to them online is the way of life to keep your life interesting. There are lots of free music download sites and free app to download music favorite songs or play them online.

Every app has its own set of features and facilities to provide it to the users; therefore, you can go for the one which appeals you the most. Music is the god for many people around us. It is often regarded as a medium to say what your heart wants to say but mouth fails. Even Shakespeare quoted that “Where words fail, music speaks?.

As we have already come so far with the development of new technologies and various modes to play and listen to music, we have something best. There are numerous applications that allow you to play music offline and online for free and paid versions too. The excellent quality of all these applications is that you do not require storage to save all your songs, you can just simply play whatever you like online, and whenever you want to. By this, you go through a wide variety of songs, therefore, every time you can play a different and new song for you.

In this article, we will put a list of the top 10 best free apps to download music for android devices, and you can choose the best among them according to your needs as:


In today’s competitive environment, it is hard to keep within the range of many song downloader application, where SONGILY has placed itself well to satisfy the customers by providing all songs approximately in expected quality. There are most of the music download apps who do not allow the users to download the MP3 file of songs, but by using this app you will get this feature also. It is a free app to download music where you can download music outside of the app; you can share it with your friends as well or other devices too. Also read: 8 Best Video Downloader App for Android and iPhone

Amazon Prime Music

Amazon is one of the biggest names in the online shopping market and is amongst one of the best app to download music, as everyone is aware of it, there is no such requirement to talk further about the company. With its online store where you can get almost everything that you need, the company also has its presence in other different fields as well. It offers benefits to the prime subscribers like free delivery and additional cash back; you can also enjoy the content on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music.

Apps to Download Music

Spotify Music

Spotify is the most popular and prominent free app to download music and streaming songs in many countries like US, Europe, etc But, it is available for some countries like New Zealand, etc. They have a large collection of music from different artists in their library and you can create your own playlist or choose from another playlist as well. It allows streaming at 320 kbps speed. This app serves the best premium version and is known as one of the best popular ones. Also read: The Best Calorie Counter Apps

Download MP3 Music

This one is considered as best app to download music for free and also you can even share, transfer the download music or use it with any other app. No other app lets you download the songs of all genres for free, but this app does as it has quite a friendly interface. Though, this app is slow and has popped out lots of ads which push people to look for alternatives. You can search for the music that you want to download or play online.


Saavn is the best app to download music and has a huge library of songs of every language like English, Hindi, Hollywood, Telugu, etc. You can listen to the songs as per your preference and your favorite artist. There are lots of international artists as well in this app. It helps you to create and share your playlist with your friends and others. The most mesmerizing feature in this app is that, even if you do not know about the artist name of your song, even you do not know about the movie, to which your song belongs, then also you can chat over this app and they will help you to find the music that you want.


From the time app was developed until now, this app has created huge growth and is the best app for downloading music. The interface of this app is quite attractive and user-friendly. This app is considered one of the best and most widely used applications. With more than 1.8 million songs abroad, you can stream as well as listen as well as download the song of your own choice. This app is considered best for Airtel users as it gives free subscriptions to them.


This best app for downloading music is specially built with the Indian taste of songs and has all the genre and language songs which are composed within India. So, again this is another one of the most popular and best android MP3 downloaders with its collection of over 10 million songs. Here, in this app, you can explore from already present playlist which is based on a particular genre. You can also create your own music collection that depends on your choice.

Music Player

It is always a painful situation to explore out extra space for music applications in android. Well, in some of the android phones, this is the music player that helps you to listen and one of the best app for downloading music of your choice. Music Player is considered a one-stop solution for all. In most of the android devices, it is pre-installed, but if it is not installed in your smartphone, then you can download it directly from Google Play store for free.


Above, that was the list of the best android app for music downloader’s, hence there is so much to select and so much to explore, but the best remains the best. It completely depends upon you, what kind of song you want to listen and the feature that you want in your music downloader app, therefore you can find the best app for downloading app on Google play store