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Best Treatment of Constipation at Home

Best Treatment of Constipation at Home: The problem of constipation is very common for today’s generation. Looking at what is everyone’s diet and routine nowadays, this problem can happen to anyone. In real terms, this problem is very serious. Due to this many other diseases take birth like gas, loss of appetite, stomach coming out, nausea etc. Some people take many medicines to get rid of it. But the easiest remedy for this is home remedies.

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Today we have brought for you some easy home remedies, with the help of which you can get rid of the problem of constipation very easily and in less time.

6 Home Remedies Treatment of Constipation

Treatment of Constipation

Hot water

Hot water is the best and best treatment for constipation. When you wake up in the morning, without eating anything, first drink a glass of hot water daily. By doing this, your constipation complaint will go away forever. This is the best and oldest treatment of constipation.

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By the way, we all know that there are many benefits of eating spinach, it makes our eyes light up and also makes our skin glow. This spinach also helps in constipation. Spinach juice is very beneficial for this problem. Drinking half a glass of spinach juice daily will end your disease from the root.

Guava and Papaya

Both these are such fruits, by consuming them regularly you will be free from constipation. Both these fruits give strength to our souls and is the easiest and cheapest treatment of constipation at home.

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Although curd is very beneficial for us, it also helps in constipation. Many good bacteria are found in curd which helps in keeping our body healthy. If you consume enough amount of curd in breakfast and food daily, then you will soon get rid of this disease.


Flaxseed contains fiber and fatty acids which are beneficial for our body. If you eat flaxseeds daily with water, then your constipation problem will go away. If you want, soak linseed seeds in water and keep it yellow in the morning, it will also be beneficial for you.

Lemon water

Lemon water is very beneficial for us. Some people also use lemon water to reduce their obesity. Drink lemon in hot water every morning, it will remove the problem of constipation and you will feel very good.

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If you follow all the above-mentioned home remedies treatment of constipation properly, then your constipation problem will go away very soon and you will feel yourself very healthy and light. Only those who are suffering from this disease can know the grief of this disease, so it is your responsibility to get rid of it as soon as possible and stay healthy.



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