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Top 5 Magical Beauty Tips for Oily Skin

Are you annoyed by having excessive oil on your face that causes breakouts and other never-ending skin problems?

I get you. Taking care of oily skin isn’t easy. But not that hard either. You just need to take care of your oily skin as it needs to be taken care of. Right skincare tips and products can reduce excess oil production and also eliminate skin problems like acne, pimples, and blackheads too far.

Although, Oily skin brings pimples and acne problems out of the blue, makes your skin too much shiny which often gets embarrassing. But trust me it’s not all bad. In fact, having an oily is more like a “blessing in disguise” because oily skin has an abundance of natural oil that helps to keep your skin younger and reduce chances of wrinkles and saggy skin.

Before I walk you through magical beauty tips for oily skin to make your skin flawless. Let’s get into the root of the problem to treat it effectively.

What Causes Oily skin:

Our skin produces natural oil( Sebum) through the sebaceous glands that keep our skin moisturized and healthy. Natural oil is an imperative substance for healthy skin without it our skin can get dry out and become flaky.

Oily skin isn’t a matter of concern unless it emits extra oil and it gets mixed with dead skin cells and dirt molecules that cause skin breakout.

If you are struggling with excessing oily skin that is leaving you with unpleasant skin problems and unnecessary stress. Your oily skin condition and stress are about to vanish.

Let’s walk through the Magical beauty tips of getting flawless skin and say bye-bye to the oily skin problem forever.

5 Magical Beauty tips for Oily Skin:

As you know Oily skin is a blessing in disguise. Now it’s time to put an end to oily skin problems and rejoice with the blessing of your skin.

These magical beauty tips will work miraculously for your skin and make it healthier than ever before.

  • Choose the right cleanser for oily skin:

All of your acne, pimples, and blackheads are the product of accumulated oil on your skin surface. Sometimes we are ready to try every other thing that can help us to get rid of skin problems. But somewhere we forget to pay heed to the tiny thing that can actually make the difference.

Picking up the right formulated cleanser will surely make a difference. Foaming cleansers and face wash with the essence of neem, tea tree oil, green tea works best for oily skin.

But if you have extremely oily skin you need to get a cleanser that not only cleans your skin deeply but also controls oil. Use a top oily skin cleansers and face wash formulated with apple cider vinegar, Alpha hydroxy acid, and Beta Hydroxy acid( made with sugary fruits molecules ) that help to control sebum production.

  • Make Toner a part of your skincare regime

Apparently, Toner is extremely important for oily skin but usually gets ignored. Toner acts as a protective shield that controls sebum production, closes skin pores that reduce skin problems to minimum.

Now you know how important using toner for oily skin really is. Some alcohol-based toners got a hype to prevent oil production. But according to a dermatologist using an alcohol-based toner can strip the skin off and make it flaky and dry.

When it comes to choosing the right toner for oily skin. Always seek out toners formulated with Sulfur, Alpha Hydroxy acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), It will clean your pores and prevent oil and make your skin fresh all day long,

  • Don’t forget to Scrub twice a week

Scrubbing is an essential part of skincare. Because it cleans pores, blackheads, and dead skin cells and makes skin soft and smooth.

Oily skin leads to flare-up blackheads, acne, and fills up pores with dirt more than other skin types. If you are struggling with oily skin problems and trying to get these problems at the end. Using a good scrub can help deep cleanse your pores without being harsh on the skin.

Always go for a gentle cleanser for oily skin. Some scrubs have hard particles that can cause breakouts and make them even worse.

  • Replace your regular moisturizer with oil-free

Moisturizer is as important for oily skin as it is for dry skin. Moisturizer hydrates skin and makes it smooth and elastic.

Usually, people with oily skin tend to moisturize or use oil-based. Both are not ideal for oily skin. Not using any moisturizer can elude your skin from getting enough nourishment and on the other hand, using an oil-based moisturizer aggravates skin problems.

It’s recommended to use a water-based or a gel-based moisturizer to prevent oily skin problems and make your skin flawlessly glowing.

  • Choose your makeup wisely

It’s a common fallacy that people having acne or pimple shouldn’t apply makeup at all. They think it is one of the causes of getting acne or it can aggravate it. I can partially agree with it. Because I think makeup is not a problem but using the wrong one is.

Oily skin tends to be greasy after 2-3 hours and makeup gets deoxidized. As a result, it makes skin dull, stimulates breakout, and steals your confidence.

Before applying makeup always Protect your skin with a gel primer and use a matte and oil-free formulated foundation to sprinkle your charm. Choosing the long-lasting and right foundation for your skin is a bit tricky. Before you make your final choice to select the right foundation for you check out the best foundation for oily skin.


No doubt only skin brings major skin problems that everybody hates. But oily skin has a lot of perks and the issues can be reduced easily with the right skincare and products. I have shared some magical beauty tips for oily skin that leave you with no skin issues but surely make you fall in love with your own skin.

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