Anniversaries are yet another important occasion where you should remember the date, the thing with the anniversaries is that they are connected to two persons and if one forgets the other will also feel sad automatically but if you are far from them then also it can be a little hard for you to express what you are feeling so you can always get them an online cake delivery.

Remember the day when you got married and vowed that you will always be there with them through the thick and thin and now you have spent years with each other on this day you might be wondering what can you gift a person or how can you keep them happy but it is not that hard, all you have to do is convey as actions are known to speak louder than words. The actions that going to described in the blog are not hard to do you can always do them in the meantime and surprise your significant other when they come home. The beauty of the relationship lies in how well you can communicate and on the power of your memory as well.

Here are a few ideas that you can consider to keep your significant other happy:


This is the hardest part but is also the easiest with the memory being strong and most people in the world commit this mistake, you need to remember the date of the anniversary so that you can celebrate it on the day. Set your alarms, put a status on Instagram or write somewhere, where you can see it always but remember the date of the anniversary and when the time comes with them before they wish you, if you forget the anniversary you are going to go for many guilt trips in future and no one wants that.



Most of our lives are spent in meddling with the technological devices and this is the time when you should leave the technological device and just be with them and ask them to leave them their device as well, just be with each other and talk about things which are there and you will soon find comfort and the bond will deepen more this is the perfect way to celebrate the anniversary with your significant other and they will be happy.


The surprise at midnight will surely bring a smile on their sleepy face and they will just enjoy what you have for them, order a cake online it can be any cake but if you are one those lucky ones who have their birthdays on the same day of the anniversary then you can order the birthday cake and for the anniversary go for a heart-shaped red velvet cake, this is another way of expressing love and remember to get some flowers for them with this but there is another way to surprise with the flowers.


Make the whole day special for them, get some flowers delivered to their workplace, these flowers can be any flowers, you can choose the red roses, red carnations or the red tulips and just surprise them on the anniversary, red is the colour showing the lovers passion and desire. You can go to their office to pick them up and then go for a candlelight dinner somewhere. This will be romantic and if you wish you can also take them to a place where you first met and where you had your first date, this will be another way of enjoying.


You can always enjoy your anniversary by visiting each other’s favourite place and then telling each other a reason why the place you chose is your favourite, in this way you will be able to know the person more and there is no way to know the person completely so you can always find things you never knew about them in this way.


Invite their favourite relatives and let them spend some time with them in that time as well you can surprise them with a cake and if you can also go through some albums and have a good laugh about it or reminisce those memories, after all, a part of the anniversary is to reminisce as well.

You can always order a cake or flowers from bloomsvilla as they have an amazing collection which will just leave you awestruck, you can also go for same-day delivery or midnight delivery and surprise your loved one with the gifts you have for them. you can also add chocolates, teddy bears and fruit baskets to it and if your significant other has a favourite flower then include it in the list as well, all you have to do now is order!

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