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Tired of spam calls? Block this way immediately, these top 5 call blocking apps will help you

call blocker apps

In today’s era, spam calls have bothered people. This is a bigger problem for some than others. If spam calls bother you, there is a way you can control it. For this you can use one of the call blocking apps. You will find many such apps on Google Play Store. So that you do not have to find these apps on the Google Play Store, we have brought you some selected call blocking apps for you. Not only for spam calls, but you can also use these apps for other call blocking purposes. You can also block someone’s number with the help of this. Some of these apps also have some SMS-related features that you can take advantage of.

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Top 5 Best Call Blocking Android Apps 2021

Call Blocking Apps


for android users Truecaller One of the best call blocking apps. This application is not only available with a really nice modern UI but it also provides all the services that you would expect from such apps. This app can help you identify unknown calls. It can also keep you safe from spam calls and SMS messages. It detects and blocks fraudsters, telemarketers and various other incoming calls/messages that you want to ignore. Truecaller tells the user whether the incoming call is a business or spam. Added on Truecaller you can also add any number to blacklist category. This way you can also compile your list of numbers you want to block.

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Hiya is a very interesting app for many reasons. First and foremost, you will not fall for ads in this app. Its UI is really great. It is quite functional. Like basically any call blocking app, it will try its best to identify incoming calls. This will allow you to view numbers in Smart Dialer and to block and report spam numbers manually. You can add names and addresses to your phone book contacts from Hiya if you wish. The app is capable of identifying robocalls, marketers, debt collectors and fraud calls. Overall, understand that this is a very reliable call blocking application.

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Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist is also the best call blocking app. Blacklisting is easy in this app. You can mainly thank its UI for this. This app is a call blocker for both call and SMS messages. Like every other app on the list, it does its best to block telemarketing, spam and robocalls. Also allows you to block such calls yourself.

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Call Blocker by Fiorenza Francesco

Call Blocker by Fiorenza Francesco is one of the best call blocking apps. It does not have any message. The special thing is that it is one of the best looking call blocking apps in the Play Store. The UI of this app not only looks great but it also does a great job while being quite functional at the same time. This application does a great job of blocking unknown calls from call centers, spam numbers, robocalls, telemarketing etc. You can block any number from this app, while you can also schedule call blocking for a specific time period.

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Should I Answer?

for call blocking app Should I Answer? There is another great option. This app provides all the services you could want, while also packing in some great options. Please note that the app has a large database of spam numbers and this database is constantly updated. If it detects that any of those numbers (spam numbers) are trying to call you, it automatically blocks it. This app can block hidden, foreign or premium rate numbers. You can also add your numbers to the list if you wish. The most important thing is that internet connectivity is not mandatory to use this app. That is, you can use it even when you are not using the internet. When your phone is connected to the Internet it will update the local database.

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