8 Best Workout Apps to Stay Fit


Fitness – a word that just cannot be undermined. Are you one of those many people waiting to fit into those college jeans of yours or wanting to rock that bikini on the beach but lacking only in guidance and motivation? The times here to end your fears. This article brings to you 8 applications that will help you crush your fitness goals while going easy on the pocket and saving all those extra bucks for an expensive trainer.


This app goes by the goal of helping people lead fitter and more healthy lives and facilitates the same by some extremely innovative and tech savvy methods. Like most apps it tracks your progress overtime for steps counts and calories burned.

At the same time it takes a holistic approach to fitness with other features such as activities like yoga and workouts to keep you on track as well as logging your calorie intake and weight management.

It also provides wireless connection to your wearables gadgets. But behold my friends the best is yet to come! This app takes a different approach to motivating you to do better by making you competing with your friends on daily or weekly basis thus giving you the right push that you need.

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The name itself has got you going isn’t it? Well the app doesn’t disappoint. If you are not the one to be pushed around and are more of the “slow and steady” belief this is your place. Sworkit is an app that uses science based coaching that helps you make small changes and stick to them.

And that’s not the best part. This application lets you choose your workout by varying the routines from strength, Cardio, yoga and stretching routines. Other than being a potpourri of exercises the app comes with a timer from 5 to 60 minutes and demonstrates all exercises for the truest beginners. Finally it’s time to bid adieu to that trainer of yours.     

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When has fitness ever stopped at just workout? Those bothersome calories find a way into your plate after all. This app does become your ‘pal’ in such situations. This comprehensive food diary helps you keep those calories in check by logging everything you eat and adds the nutritional stats of your meals with the ‘recipe import’ feature. So eat away to a fitter body.

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7 Minute Workout

This is for all those extremely busy people out there who barely have time for breakfast before they leave for work, we completely sympathies with you and understand your needs. Thus presenting the solution to your ‘don’t have time’ problems. As the name suggests this app devises bite-sized cardio workouts you can finish on a time crunch before hitting the shower.

This workout has been highlighted by New York Times as offering “maximum results with minimum investment”. The workout is based on HICT – high intensity circuit training, that has proven to be the safest and most efficient way to improve muscle and aerobic fitness. The cool workout name to boast about is just another plus.

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FitNotes – Gym workout Log

Don’t want your app to be a slave driver? Want to control your routines yourself? Stop right here FitNotes is your app. This app lets you do what you do by only keeping log of your exercises. It includes a database to categorize your workouts and also lets you create your own custom routines and tailored workouts. It’s the best option of the list if you are into DIY fitness. You think this is where it ends? Think again. This app actually promises the most unimaginable thing NO ADVERTISEMENTS. Don’t believe us? Check for yourselves. 

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Google Fit

Alas! Where will you NOT find this name? Only if your fitness regime was this diverse. Call out to all those people owning the trending smartwatches this app will steal the show any day. Its complete and total integration with Android Wear will make this app your only choice. Still want to know more? Well here it is. You get stats to analyse, goals to conquer and various types of tracking. Along with this it also covers the basic features very well making is great for beginners. And at the end of the day its google we’re talking about so don’t forget the frequent updates to cool new features being added to the app.

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30 days Fitness Challenge

Vacation starts in a month, need to flaunt that beach body. But have a time limit? Go no further this 30 day fitness challenge app will get you there, free of cost. All you need is a bit of dedication and this app will help you complete the challenge with fresh exercises over a 30 day period. You are free to tailor this workout by choosing between challenges like full body, abs or legs. This app also provides you with video guides that take you through the process in multiple languages and gradually increasing the intensity. Well you can thank us in a month.

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Nike Training Club – Workout and Fitness Plans

Just do it! Isn’t that motivating enough? Well apparently not. That’s precisely why nike has come up with this amazing workout and fitness application. With a clean and crisp interface and tabs which are easy to navigate, this app comes with a hell lot of surprises. It is a one stop place for fitness enthusiasts wanting to experience intense sweat sessions. It includes three different types of workouts and each workout has a list of items needed and time based structure. It also suggests workouts depending upon your activities and lets you filter out workouts based on the intensity required by you. You can also choose audio guides from a professional nike trainer as well as athletes like Serena Williams or even stars like Ellie Goulding. We don’t know about you but if we were getting Serena Williams as a trainer for free, we are going to grab the opportunity with both hands.         

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Well then people with these applications at your service what’s stopping you from achieving those fitness desires?

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