Best Styles of Wedding Photography


The photography is a vast stream embedded by different styles of wedding photography . If the task of hiring wedding photographers seems easier, then, reconsider this thought! There are several ways of shooting wedding moments which can make the D-Day glorious and memorable.

Top 9 Best Styles of Wedding Photography in India

  1. Traditional Photography
  2. Contemporary Photography
  3. Candid Photography
  4. Destination Wedding Photography
  5. Illustrative Wedding Photography
  6. Portrait Wedding Photography
  7. Black & White Wedding Photography
  8. Photojournalistic Wedding Photography
  9. Fine Art Wedding Photography

Let’s take a look at following styles of wedding photography which can be beneficial in the better decision making to shortlist relevant wedding photographers:

Traditional Photography

This wedding photography is fill with numerous traditional shots. From group photos in a posed manner, cake cutting, family pictures, couple photos with families and same cliched shots to many others. Hence, if the idea is to stick to the primary photos and videos, then, one can opt for wedding photographers who excel in traditional photography.

Contemporary Photography

Creativity is the buzz element in this type of wedding photography as the wedding photographers have to add impressive lighting arrangements and rely on proper angles. Well, the flipside of contemporary wedding photography is that the photographer may have to wait for the right moment to click the relaxed side of the person. In fact, stunning photos are a matter of perseverance and tactful approach in this type of wedding photography.

Candid Photography

Natural elements and retention of detailing of the moment in photography make this style the masterpiece of wedding photographers. The candid photographer is ideal for everyone to witness the smart and witty angles during special ceremonies and throughout the celebrations.

Destination Wedding Photography

This might sound more like a service, but it can be covered as the unique wedding photography style. The combination of accurate props, lighting, angle and arrangements at the destination altogether deliver excellence in the work of candid wedding photographers. They are always ready to test their innovative and keen eyes to record happy moments of wedding.

Illustrative Wedding Photography

Lighting background and composition are focused in Illustrative wedding photography. One thing which should be known about this style is that photojournalistic.

Portrait Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers make meaningful moments and make subjects pose for the camera in this style. This is also known as a formal wedding photography. The beautiful images are the final outcome in portrait wedding photography. For instance, blushing bride, bride with makeup on or couple in their wedding dresses can be some of the poses covered in this type of wedding photography. Real emotions are shown up when portrait wedding photography is carried out with perfection by the photographers.

Black & White Wedding Photography

Some people believe in getting moments capture in a classic way to make the memories timeless. This is precisely where black & white wedding photography becomes the chief point of consideration for wedding photographers. They ensure that compelling photos and videos are offer to the clients without losing the essence of the ceremony or overall shoot. Interestingly, some of the photos look comparatively better in this style. The attention of viewers sticks to the subject without removing distractions in the black & white wedding photography.

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

In the photojournalistic wedding photography, photographers need to adjust angle while giving an informal approach to tell story of the couple. It is more like a documentary. The moments of D-Day are captured with precision without letting any frame go haywire. In this style, wedding photographers may sometimes use telephoto camera to click several candid moments of the D-day.

Fine Art Wedding Photography

Apart from lighting, composition and creative framing, post production techniques also play a vital role in this style of wedding photography. The fine art photography is centered around spotting. The artistic poses merged with the proper placement of items. For instance, couple exchanging or flaunting rings, bridesmaids with wedding flowers, outfits and many such prospects are already in the execution of wedding photographers in this style.

Furthermore, it will not be wrong to say that above styles form miniature perspective of selecting the best wedding photographers. Therefore, it is ideal to meet the wedding photographers personally and get various queries clarified. Be it the relevance of wedding photography style. Type of camera and other accessories used by them. Other questions related to their approach towards shooting the special day, all the aspects need an expert reasoning.

Final Words about wedding photographers

The bottom-line is in order to choose the leading wedding photographer with a vast portfolio, one should brush up information about several styles which might be mentioned in the discussion. The above handy styles can be related with when the wedding photographers touch upon the technical knowledge and expertise. Lastly, finalize the wedding photographer and style which complements the theme of wedding after affirming all the pros and cons.


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