How to Fix Windows 11 Error Codes: Learn Here

Many users were eagerly waiting for Windows 11. Now Windows 11 has gone live. You can install Windows 11 on your PC or Laptop. It can be installed with a clean boot or through official upgrade techniques. Even after the arrival of this new window, users are not looking happy. That’s because they are facing a lot of problems while installing Windows 11. However, like most Windows before it, it is full of bugs. It has so many bugs that you might want to go back to the stable version of Windows 10. Many users upgrading to Windows 11 are currently reporting a bug that occurs during installation. This problem is coming even when the user has compatible hardware. Learn PC tips and tricks

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Users complained on Reddit platform

A user report on Reddit as seen by Windows Latest states that an error is being encountered while installing Windows 11. According to a Reddit user, when the Windows 11 installation is about 71 percent complete, an error code 0x8007007f pops up. Commenting on this post, many other users have said that they are also facing the same problem. Users have also mentioned that their PC hardware is giving installation errors even after meeting the minimum requirements of Microsoft. tell that Microsoft Haven’t commented on this bug yet. But a bug fixer is probably being rolled out to the users.

Rebooting PC Errors

Some users in the thread mentioned that they have been able to get around this problem by rebooting their PC and then running the installation assistant in admin mode. Apart from this, users can also try this by downloading the ISO from the official website of the company and try to do a reinstall manually. Apart from this, since the launch of Windows 11, many other bugs have come to the fore. These include networking bugs, file explorer memory leaks, taskbar not updating and many more.

Also, that being said, primary software updates often come with some bugs in the initial weeks. So they are rolled out in batches. It is being said that it may take some time for Windows 11 to reach all the users. However, it’s not a bad thing either because installing Windows 11 and bothering with bugs isn’t a good thing either. In such a situation, if you have installed Windows 11 and you are facing the above problem, then you can wait till the bug fixer is made available by the company.

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Windows 11 Minimum Requirement

1 GHz or faster on a compatible 64-bit processor with 2 or more cores
64GB internal storage
UEFI Secure Boot
TPM Version 2.0
Graphics card that is compatible with DirectX 12 or later WDDM 2.0 driver
High definition (720p) displays that are diagonally over 9 inches, 8 bits per color channel

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How to Check Windows 11 Compatibility

If you want to check the compatibility of your PC with Windows 11, then for this you have to use the PC Health Check tool from Microsoft. You need to follow the steps below to check PC compatibility with Microsoft’s PC Helk Check Tool.

  • Go to the official website of Microsoft and click on Windows 11.
  • Scroll down to the Check compatibility section.
  • Download PC Health Check Tool from here. You can also download the tool by clicking here.
  • Then install the tool on your laptop or PC.
  • After this, open the app and click on the notification, which will be named Introducing Windows 11.
  • Then click on the Check Now button.
  • After this this app will tell you whether your PC or laptop is compatible or not.
  • If it doesn’t, the app will show a full list of reasons why your PC doesn’t support Windows 11.

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Features of Windows 11

Windows 11 has been introduced with multitasking and accessibility features. This is the latest version of Microsoft. It has been specially designed for gamers. It has features for dedicated gamers. Talking about game features, direct storage has been given in it. Also, the option to turn HDR on or off has also been made available. Apart from this, DirectX 12 GPU has been given which helps in improving the graphics. Not only that, Microsoft has pre-installed more than 100 PC game browsers and Xbox apps in it. Users can also download and play it. It is being said that Windows 11 is not only for regular users, but it is also a better option for students and business enterprises.

Talking about other features, Windows 11 has come with a whole new interface. It has a centrally aligned start menu. Apart from this, a combination of sound notifications and advanced fonts is also available. You will be able to connect with people through Microsoft Teams. The multitasking feature has been improved in this. It also supports multiple desktops. Talking about accessibility features, it includes Narrator, Magnifier, Closed Captions and Windows Speech Recognition.

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