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How to protect the eyes from computer radiation

Reducing glare reflection

Reducing the reflection of glare contributes to reducing eye fatigue when looking at the screen, and this is done by reducing the ambient light, which affects the screen such as exposure to the illumination of a nearby window, and such situations can be resolved by dimming the window, or allocating a desk lamp, and placing it on the work desk, And use it to distribute the lighting on the desk evenly, and it is also possible to provide a screen filter to help avoid this.

Adjust screen position

The wrong position of the screen causes eyestrain and neck fatigue while working on the computer , so it is necessary to solve this problem by rearranging the desk, placing the screen so that it is slightly lower than the eye level, and about 50-70 cm away from the face, and placing a stand next to the screen to install any Paper materials on it, and looking at it directly instead of moving by looking between the screen and the paper on the desk.

Adjust screen settings

Some tips related to reducing eye strain caused by looking at the computer screen can be followed as follows:

  • Text size and contrast: The process of adjusting the size of the text being generated or read, or adjusting the contrast between the font color and the background, helps to achieve comfort for viewing.
  • Color temperature: Reducing the color temperature of the screen helps reduce the amount of blue color emitted, thus providing more comfort to look at; These blue rays have a short wavelength that is mainly associated with causing eye fatigue.

Resting sight

Resting sight is one of the important steps when you need to constantly look at the display, and it can be facilitated by including the rule of twenty while working on the screen, and this rule depends on stopping looking at the screen every twenty minutes, and looking at something from twenty feet away, or approximately six meters for twenty seconds, and besides that, he makes sure to take a break and stay away from the computer screen every two hours


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