Aloo Bukhara Benefits in Treating Hemorrhoids, Diarrhea and Jaundice


Aloo Bukhara Benefits : Aloo Bukhara is a delicious fruit. It is not only delicious to eat, but it also has many benefits. It protects us from many dangerous diseases, such as it is considered particularly effective in piles. Its regular intake provides relief in piles. In this article, we are going to tell you about how to use it, in addition, it is also known to be effective in diarrhea and jaundice.

Benfits of Aloo Bukhara in Jaundice

This fruit mostly occurs in cold region. The taste of sour, sweet, red, yellow potato bukhara is excellent. It is delicious to eat. How to use it in jaundice, let’s know, yellow jaundice disappears within a week by eating 25 grams of sweet cooked potato Bukhara when there is jaundice. If you consume potato bukhara juice also, you get the benefit very quickly.

Aloo Bukhara Helpful in Diarrhea

Use of Aloo Bukhara is considered good even if there is a problem of diarrhea. Diarrhea patients stop giving 100 gm of potato Bukhara juice after every three hours and the diarrhea stops and the liver also gets cured. Aloo Bukhara is also helpful in creating new blood. If you consume it for a month, then all the stomach diseases are eliminated from the root.

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Aloo Bukhara Benefits in Piles

Aloo Bukhara gives relief in piles. Piles is a problem that cannot be said or remains. This problem is considered very painful. In the morning, take 25 grams sweet potato feces every morning in piles. Piles is cured by taking it for one month. It is considered very effective in the treatment of hemorrhoids, due to which the patient feels much relief.


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