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8 Best Fabrics for Dress Material

Whether you choose a western outfit or a traditional outfit, the most important thing that you look for is its fabric. Everyone searches for a comfortable and lightweight fabric that is easy to carry and manage. Each fabric has its own specialty and certain favorable characteristics that gives it a reason for an ideal pick. If we go through the list of fabrics for salwar suits then we will find numerous options. The fabric is found in a variety of color options and it can be printed or may have some adoring embellishments making it look just stunning. 

A salwar suit is the most common and admired outfit worn by women all around the globe. As they are available in a variety of fabrics you get the opportunity to choose them as per the occasion and climate. Listed below are some of the fabrics that are eligible to make a beautiful dress material for salwar kameez.

1. Cotton


From the viewpoint of comfort, fashion and style cotton is the most favorable one. It is a soft and fluffy fabric that is breathable and light in weight. Cotton is a pure cellulose that is spun into thread or yarns making a highly preferable textile. It is among one of the oldest fabrics that has been in use since the prehistoric times. The fabric is found in different varieties all around the globe and is dyed in different colors. A printed wholesale cotton dress material with numerous traditional motifs and other prints makes a graceful attire.   

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2. Georgette


Another fabric that is always in demands due to its flowy appeal is georgette. It is a lightweight fabric that is made from natural fibers such as silk and other synthetic fibers such as nylon or polyester with highly twisted yarns that are altered in S and Z twist in both weft and warp technique. An embroidered georgette dress material that has sheer detailed necklines and beautifully embellished sleeves and a pretty dupatta completes the overall outfit. Some pretty accessories paired with it gives a gorgeous appeal. 

3. Chiffon


Chiffon is similar to georgette with a bit more luster and smoothness. It originated from silk and other synthetic fibers with the help of highly twisted yarns woven in S and Z twists. It is the most common fabric used for making beautiful dresses. Chiffon is a durable fabric with a slippery texture. Those made from synthetic fibers are highly popular due to their low costs and resilience. A chiffon dress material with studded pearls and diamonds and a pretty dupatta with tassels detailing makes a stunning attire. 

4. Satin


The weave of fabric with a glossy surface and a dull back makes a smooth and slippery material that is perfect for making a party wear and designer salwar kareez. Satin is characterized by four or more weft yarns over a warp yarn or four warp yarns floating over a single weft yarn. It can be formed using filament fibers such as nylon, polyester or silk to make a lustrous fabric. A churidar salwar kameez made of satin with some prints and zari embroidery will give you a perfect fashionista look at wedding functions. 

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5. Muslin


Muslin is a cotton fabric version of plain weave that differs in weights from coarse sheeting’s to delicate sheers. Europeans believed that Mosul, Iraq is its place of origin and therefore it is named as Muslin. Earlier it was hand woven and with the passage of time heavy machines were used to make the textile. As it is made from cotton, it has the ability to control sweat and moisture providing a fresh and cool feel to the wearer. They are more commonly found in pastel colors with adoring prints and motifs. 

6. Linen


The strongest and most absorbent fabric is lightweight linen that is made from fibers of flax plants. It is so light that it even dries faster than cotton. Not only ethnic outfits and traditional dresses, linen is even used to make products for home furnishings. The history of linen is thousands of years old and it is believed to be the oldest fabric in the world. It can be dyed in many different colors and can be detailed with beautiful prints and alluring embellishments that makes it a worth admiring fabric for salwar kameez.    

7. Silk


This natural protein fiber is used to make a smooth and soft material with a shimmery texture and a glossy appeal. Silk is obtained from the cocoons of larvae of mulberry silkworms. The fabric is well-admired for its smooth texture and shimmery appeal due to the triangular-prism like structure that it has and helps in producing different colors. The fabric is available in numerous varieties, each Indian state has its own variety of silk from which Banarasi silk, Chnaderi silk, kanjeevaram silk and pure silk are the most admired ones.   

8. Velvet


Velvet is a fluffy and tufted fabric that is woven on a special loom weaving two thicknesses at the same time. It can be made from natural fibers or synthetic fibers giving a soft feel to the fabric. It is usually available in rich and dark colors that is largely preferred for weddings and other special occasions. The richest and most expensive velvet is made from silk that has a perfect lustor and smoothness. It is also made from fabrics such as cotton, mohair, wool, linen, etc. The fabric is perfect for evening parties and cold weather as it is a bit thicker than other materials.  

There are many more other fabrics from which some are the varieties of the main fabric and some are combined with other materials to make a glorifying fabric. As every woman has different choices regarding color, materials and patterns, they can choose among the best as per their taste and preference. The pretty wholesale dress material can be customized in different patterns and styles so that you get a proper fitting and comfort. Some pretty accessories paired with the attire completes the entire look of the wearer.  


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