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Which Color Cabinets Look Best With White Marble Countertops?

white marble countertops

If you are designing your kitchen and not your about which color countertop should you choose or what color cabinets? Then hold on a second and stay here. You might get your answers. First of all marble countertops are much preferred by homeowners. These days, white marble countertops are best in kitchen fashion. It has its alluring look which you simply cannot resist.

You are not done here. Now you have to choose the best color cabinets which go perfectly with your white marble countertop. If you want to want to balance the tone of your kitchen you should go with either dark color cabinets or white kitchen cabinets. It also depends on the vein-like natural design of the marble which complement its look to another level.

Here are some colors in cabinets that you might be interested in. You can pick anyone who enhances the look of your white countertop from the following:

  1. Dark brown cabinets
  2. Blue cabinets
  3. Grey cabinets
  4. All-white cabinets

Brown cabinets:

If you are a white marble lover you must be in search of some cool cabinet colors which complement your countertop. As we know countertops are not matched with the floor of the kitchen but with the top and base cabinets. With a white marble countertop, dark cabinets are one of the best options for setting the tone of a kitchen. Brown cabinets are never out of fashion they are still desired and installed by many homeowners today.

If you want to have a classic yet stylish look, a dark cabinet is a good option. With dark brown base cabinets, your white countertop is going to shine like a star. Dark tall cabinets with lavish polishing are going to max the elegant look of your kitchen set. The basic thing about this is the contrasting effect of the pairing. Countertops, when paired intelligently with dark cabinets give a classic, traditional and elegant look to the overall kitchen.

Blue cabinets:

You might not get blue cabinets instantly in your mind but let’s try to paint your imagination a little bit and then move on to the specifics. Blue cabinets are also trending for quite a period. But they are tricky to balance with the white marble countertops. Let’s make it easier for you. White marble which has blue vein-like natural prints in it appears beautiful with the blue cabinets. In blue, you can go with navy or mystical blue in a slightly darker tone.

Blue tall cabinets with stainless steel hardware look amazing with the white countertop. Blue balances the natural beauty of white marble. Navy base cabinets also mark the style of the kitchen in 2021. This contrast gives a modern yet trendy outlook to your kitchen cabinetry set. Blue cabinetry is a little unconventional, especially for those who prefer dark cabinets. But it is totally up to your style and aesthetic sense.

Grey cabinets:

White marble countertops shine like natural beauty and to complement this beauty you can opt for the grey tall and base cabinets for your kitchen. If the white marble has a grey or blue vein-like web on it, grey cabinets are a perfect match. Light grey cabinets are better than charcoal in this case. However charcoal grey is more in fashion but light grey enhances the beauty of a white countertop with elegance.

Grey-in box framed tall cabinets will look amazing along with the light greyish base cabinets. With grey cabinets, you should go for dark metal knobs for a more interesting and functional look. The overall tone of such a kitchen will be dreamy and sophisticated which presents your style. Grey is a shade for both classic and modern outlooks.

All-white cabinets:

We like to save best for the last. So here we go with all-white kitchen cabinetry with white marble countertops. All-white cabinets are in fashion for a long time now but they never go out of style. An all-white kitchen theme is preferred by many homeowners for a completely contemporary stylish kitchen. It gives a breath of fresh air to the whole atmosphere of your kitchen.

White tall cabinets and white base cabinets add natural shine to your white marble countertop. It can be made lusher by using stainless steel appliances and hardware. An all-white kitchen theme might not be that easy to maintain but if you want to go for it, just go for it. For an ethereal yet stylish look, you should go for white kitchen cabinets.


White marble countertops are not going to go out of style any time sooner so if you wish to have it then go for it. You can pair it with dark color cabinets, light grey, blue, or all white cabinets. It is totally up to your imagination and preferences. Whatever and however you like it. 

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