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A Brief Guide about Top 7 Attractions at VR Park Dubai

Top 7 Attractions for Virtual Reality Lovers at VR Park Dubai

Virtual reality has become significantly popular during the past few decades. Children, young and older people are equally mesmerized by the experience it provides. The tourist hub of the world, Dubai, has got a VR park enjoying the limelight while allowing the public to enjoy the things and expedition through virtual reality that they could have only imagined.

The VR Park Dubai has its specific timings, which the visitors need to follow strictly. In addition to it, the facility is overcrowded on weekends, so if you want to enjoy it comfortably, it is best to visit it during the weekdays. The activities and rides offered by the VR are available for children and adults of all ages; however, in some cases, the height of the children is the deciding factor if they get permission or not.

 Keep scrolling down this article and explore a brief guide about the top attractions VR Park Dubai has offered for you.

Top 7 Attractions for Virtual Reality Lovers at VR Park Dubai

Dubai is famous across the globe for the various types of tourist attractions. The authorities keep up-scaling the attractions, which resulted in the establishment of the virtual reality park. The facility allows the visitors to enjoy virtual reality with the support of augmented reality and explore the scenes they have only imagined. Before paying a visit to the facility, explore the attractions, so you do not miss anything.

Here are the top attractions for virtual reality lovers at VR Park Dubai.

1. Burj Drop

Have you ever experienced a hypnic jerk while sleeping and panicked? If yes, then Burj drop might not be for you. This activity at the VR Park allows the visitors to take on the role of a window cleaner, who struggles when the cables seem to be breaking. The only surprise is that the windows are of the tallest building in the world that is Burj Khalifa. Most of the enthusiasts acquire VR park Dubai tickets online, so they can enjoy the experience without having to wait in queues.

2. Dubai Drone

Drones have been a part of the world for the past few years. They are used for all sorts of things like filming, monitoring and attacking. Through Dubai drone activity, you will be able to experience the future where traffic has shifted from roads to the sky. Manage your drone taxi in the heavy traffic that is losing control and is about to cause accidents.

3. Drifters

Drifters are one of the most popular attractions of VR Park Dubai. Although it is not something new, combined with virtual reality, it surely provides a next-level entertainment and adrenaline rush. So, book your tickets now and enjoy a play date with your friends, partner or children.

4. Flying Chairs

One of the best attractions for children at the VR Park is the flying chair ride. The ride allows the children to safely sit on the chairs and experience them flying with the help of virtual reality headsets. It will not make them nauseous like other ordinary rides and will let them enjoy to the fullest.

5. Paradrop

If you are interested in paragliding but have not got the chance to experience it, Paradrop is your calling. Paradrop allows the visitors to enjoy paragliding in the best scenery with the help of reality. You will not be able to view it but feel it too while enjoying a ride, which will make the experience more surreal.

6. Dune Bash

If you are obsessed with desert safari, a dune bash is the best attraction for you. Go to the VR Park, get your ticket and set on the journey of exploring the desert in the jeep. The only difference is that you might encounter scorpions, camels, snakes and spiders. Worry not; it will only make your experience more memorable.

7. Cozmojet

Cozmojet is a VR park attraction especially designed for children. It lets them take charge of a mini jet and set on the expedition of saving the world from the aliens. It is the perfect action-packed experience that is not violent at the same time. You can buy the tickets online, secure your time slots and let your children experience the expedition they have imagined million times.

Have you found your calling?

Apart from the above-mentioned attractions, the VR Park Dubai offers numerous other fun and exciting activities. If you have not found a thrilling activity yet, then you must visit the park as soon as possible and experience all the fun and exciting attraction. Remember to spare time on a weekday and book your ticket online to save your waiting time and enjoy it to your fullest. Explore the safety precautions to make sure if your child meets the height criteria or not.


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