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10 Ragi Snacks for Your Routine Diet

10 Ragi Snacks for Your Routine Diet

People who are genuinely concerned and conscious about their health and well-being often talk about superfoods (the kind of foods that include all the health benefits and nourishments that the body needs regularly) and today, one of the most popular desi superfoods is Ragi. The ideal gluten-free diet that regulates blood sugar levels helps in the treatment of amnesia, improves heart health, gives the nervous system the boost it needs, supplies the body with all the essential amino acids and also helps in strengthening and increasing the bone density of the body. In short, ensuring that Ragi becomes an assimilated part of your staple diet is one of the biggest steps you can take towards developing a healthy lifestyle.

Top 10 Ragi Snacks that Should be an Integral Part of your Everyday Diet

Now that we have established that Ragi is one of the healthiest millets that we have for consumption, let us take a look at some of the best Ragi snacks that you can seamlessly integrate into your routine diet for a more wholesome nutritional experience, every day:

1. Ragi and Oats Crackers

The first thing you need to know about this recipe is that it is baked and not fried, which automatically takes a large chunk of the ‘unhealthy snacking’ part out of the equation. Soulfull Ragi Bites along with Oats Crackers comprise the goodness and the wholesomeness of oats, ragi and whole wheat flour. With a little seasoning and olive oil, this recipe can be the perfect balance of aromatic stimulation and a wonderfully flavoursome snack that is crispy and delicious. Ragi is a rich source of Iron so rest assured, this snack will deliver the necessary nourishment that your body needs. Also, ragi and oats help in regulating reducing blood sugar levels (good source of fibre) which makes Ragi and Oats Crackers a desirable and healthy option for diabetics as well.

2. Baked Ragi Chips

With Ragi becoming the new sensation in the world of health and nutrition, people are leaning towards substituting some of their favourite snacks with their ragi counterparts. For example, Baked Ragi Chips is a great way to binge snack while adding some nutrition to the body as well. Baking Ragi Chips immediately helps you cut back on a lot of calories. Ragi is rich in antioxidants, which means that it cleanses the body and keeps the skin clean, clear and healthy. It is also good for your bones since it is rich in calcium and also packs a lot of fibre. If you are looking to get rid of your unhealthy binge snacking habit or if you are looking to cut down a little weight, then nibble away at Baked Ragi Chips.

3. Ragi Pakoda

Indians cannot live without pakoda and that is a fact. However, substituting the unhealthy ingredients with ragi sounds like an innovative and responsible choice. Ragi Pakoda is extremely easy to make. The presence of iron, magnesium, calcium and fibre in Ragi makes it a great ingredient to be amalgamated into a popular snack like pakoda. It retains its original crispy and mouth-watering taste but also adds a great deal of nutritional value to the same.

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4. Ragi Vada

How can we turn something as popularly desired and sought-after as Vada into a better version of itself? By adding Ragi to it. Ragi, also commonly referred to as Finger Millets, is a very rich source of amino acid methionine which is often not included in the daily staple diets of everyday people. By adding a few additional ingredients like curry leaves, baby onions and millets, you can turn regular vada into a nutritious and appetizing vada that you can consume without any dire consequences with regards to your health.

5. Ragi Sugar free ladoos

Mouth-watering ladoos are a treat to not only our taste buds, but the tender and juicy flavours are a treat to our senses as well. However, it needs to be regulated and controlled no matter how enticing they may seem. Right? Not anymore. You can make ragi sugar free ladoos that are equally delicious, far more nutritious and easy to make as well. Ragi contains essential minerals, vitamins, protein and fibre that helps regulate body weight so you can binge away to your heart’s content without having to worry about gaining weight or eating unhealthy.

6. Ragi Omelette

Omelettes – the perfect way to start the day. But what if we told you there is a better way to inaugurate each day with a little more nutritional punch? Ragi Omelettes are both nutrition-rich and delightful to eat. The protein that we get from an egg is not always enough. Also, it contains essential fatty acids that are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. For breakfast, you can pair up Ragi Omelettes with Sattviko Herb & Cheese Makhana for a nourishing and wholesome breakfast. Ragi Omelettes are also rich in protein, fibre and other minerals that make it a complete and wholesome meal to start the day with.

7. Ragi and Oats Uttapam

Uttapam is easily one of the more popular breakfast and sometimes even lunch choices, across the country. Adding Ragi and Oats to Uttapam, lets you regulate body weight and blood sugar levels. Also, the high fibre content discourages binge-eating habits.

8. Ragi Malpua

As we all know, malpua is a desirable Indian dessert that we cannot do without. When it is made with whole wheat, oats and ragi, it absorbs the nutritional benefits and becomes a perfect amalgamation of a succulent and healthy dessert.

9. Ragi Cookies

When hungry, the first snacking option that most of us avail our cookies. However, most cookies comprise oils, sugar and flour which are bad for you. Ragi Cookies, on the other hand, are made from finger millets that contain protein, amino acids, fibre and antioxidants that keep your body healthy even when snacking.

10. Ragi Wheat Bread

Bread is a breakfast staple that people around the world consume regularly. However, studies have shown that white bread is quite detrimental to your health. Ragi Wheat Bread, on the other hand, is the bread that packs protein and fibre minus all the unhealthy elements that usually your choice of bread consists of.

These were 10 of the healthiest and most widely-popular Ragi snacks that you can consume without the fear of severe repercussions for your body.

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