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How to Gain Weight So Quickly and Safely

Increase In Calories

Gain Weight

It is advisable to increase the amount of calories in the daily diet to gain weight , so that the amount consumed from them is greater than the amount that is burned, and the amount of calorie increase varies depending on several factors, including the desired speed of weight gain, so when you want to gain weight quickly, it is It is possible to increase your calories by about 700-1000 calories.

Which foods to gain weight

  • Milk
  • Nuts
  • Red Meat
  • Fish
  • Whole grain
  • Dark chocolate
  • Butter
  • Egg
  • Rice
  • Proteins Shake

Doing Weights

Gain Weight by exercise

Weight exercises help to convert the excess calories that are consumed to build muscle, instead of storing them in fat cells, and before starting to exercise it is recommended to resort to medical advice about the possibility of practicing these exercises especially for individuals who suffer from problems in the skeletal system, in addition to consulting a trainer Personal to specify weights that can be started and how often these exercises should be repeated.

Increase The Number of Daily Meals

Gain Weight

It is advisable to increase the number of main meals and snacks in between on a daily basis, regardless of the nature of these meals and what they contain; In order to increase calories, and to ensure maximum benefit from the matter, some specialists have indicated the need to increase the number of daily meals to six meals, so that food is eaten approximately every three hours, in addition to ensuring that the content of the main meal is not less than 500 calories, and the snack About 100-200 prices.

Have Drinks

Various drinks can be used to fatten the body by consuming natural juices, or cocktails that contain fresh or frozen fruits with milk, instead of consuming soft drinks and coffee with low nutritional value and low calories, and it is also recommended to drink these drinks at appropriate times so that they do not It affects the appetite of food, it can be eaten with snacks or main meals, or half an hour after eating the main meal, depending on its effect on the person’s appetite.

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