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What is the Difference Between Root Canal Treatment and Dental

As technology has increased with time, the invention of new dental procedures to save, replace, and prevent your teeth from harmful dental problems has also increased.

But the matter is you should know whether what type of procedure will be suitable for your teeth.

Take it; For Example, if you have tooth decay, you must be doubting whether you should opt for Dental Fillings or Root Canal Treatment to save your natural teeth.

So to make you aware of the dental procedures that may suit you, I have provided you with this article. I will discuss a significant topic which most of them may be struggling with.

In Today’s article, I’ll tell you the difference between Dental Fillings and Root Canal Treatment. Let’s see.

Root Canal Treatment

What is Root Canal Treatment?

Root Canal is a therapy in which the dentists remove the damaged pulp inside your teeth, seals it, and then enhance it with a dental crown. The main aim of performing the Root Canal Treatment is to save the tooth from being extracted.

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What are Dental Fillings?

A Dental Filling is a procedure used to treat teeth that have been damaged due to a cavity. The dentist will remove part of the tooth that is decayed and then refills it. The main idea of having dental fillings is to avoid further damage to the tooth by the cavities.

What are the symptoms that show that you need a Root Canal Treatment?

Symptoms that show that you may need Root Canal Treatment:

  • If you have a cracked tooth, then you must be clear that you need Root Canal Treatment.
  • If you have swollen gums.
  • If you have sensitiveness to hot and cold.
  • Pain while chewing the food.
  • If you notice that you have a change in the color of the tooth.
  • Loosening of the teeth within the sockets.

List the signs that show you need Dental Fillings?

Signs that show that you need Dental Fillings:

  • Throbbing or severe pain in your teeth.
  • If your flossing stings tears, then it is a warning sign that you may need a Dental Filling.
  • Dark spots on the surface of the teeth.
  • In case of Previous filling damage.
  • If your food gets stuck in the teeth, you may need a dental filling.
  • If you undergo tooth sensitivity, you may need to see your doctor.
  • If you have a chipped or cracked tooth, the doctor will prescribe you to undergo the treatment.

What is the difference between Root Canal Treatment and Dental Fillings?

Root Canal Treatment Vs. Dental Fillings.

The significant difference between the root canal and the dental filling is the severity of the cases. If the case is more severe, the doctor will recommend you to opt for Root Canal Treatment. If the case is usual and the teeth’ pulp is not damaged and is safe, he will prescribe you Dental Fillings.

The Root Canal Treatment is used to treat severe damages that are caused by cavities. In this process, the pulp is damaged by the cavities, and it is removed. In contrast, the dental filling is carried on to treat less damaged teeth due to cavities. In this case, the dentist drills the tooth and then fills it with the fillings used to fill the tooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Difference between Root Canal Treatment and Dental Fillings.

Can the filling be done rather than a Root Canal?

In some cases, the patient may require only filling instead of the Root Canal. If the case is normal, and the cavity has not damaged the pulp(inner part of the tooth), the doctor may recommend Dental Filling Instead of the Root Canal.

What will happen to the teeth in case of Root Canal failure?

Failure of the Root Canal can lead to teeth surgery; tooth extraction can

cause severe septic infection and can become even worse if untreated.

So it is suggested that always have a Root Canal with proper and enough precautions.

Which hurts the more, the Root Canal or Fillings?

Usually, both are done by making you numb and followed by the treatment. Root Canals may sound terrible, but they are more or less the same as the fillings.

List out the benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

  • As the damaged pulp has been removed, it stops the spreading of infection inside the mouth.
  • It saves your teeth.
  • The root canal treatment prevents the degeneration of the bones in the mouth, as the missing teeth can cause degeneration in the bones.

What are the risks involved in the Root Canal Treatment?

  • It is not guaranteed that the Root Canal Treatment will be successful there are many cases where the Root Canal Treatment has failed massively.
  • Since the tooth has been drilled, there might be a chance of cracking the tooth.
  • Your Teeth may become discolored after the Root Canal Treatment.

What are the disadvantages of Tooth Fillings?

  • It can expose your teeth to sensitivity.
  • It may stain your teeth.
  • It can weaken the teeth.

What are the advantages of tooth filling?

  • The fillings suit your beauty as it gets mingled with the color of your teeth.
  • The fillings can improve the Functioning of your teeth.
  • The dental fillings can last up to 15 years.

What is the Cost of Root Canal Treatment In Chennai?

The cost of the Root Canal Treatment can vary from city to city based on various factors. However, the Root Canal Treatment cost in Chennai is around 2,000 to 6,000 INR, including the cost of the dental crown.

In this article, I have described to you the difference between Root Canal Treatment and Dental Fillings. If you want to have the best dental fillings and the Best Root Canal Treatment you should visit the best Dental clinic near you. Hope that the article was helpful to you; kindly ask us if you have any questions about the article. You can also share your suggestions and can even comment on us in the comment section. See you soon.

Thank you.



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