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Facts You Should Know About Getting Straightened Teeth in Six Months

How do we get Straightened Teeth within Six Months?

Six months smile is a procedure to get straightened teeth within six months. Generally, the time span for getting all the teeth straightened requires 24 months approximately but in this process, a person can get straightened teeth within six months as this treatment only focuses on the teeth that are visible. As the visible teeth are treated— in this process, the whole procedure takes an average of six month. It may vary for some people depending on their recovery and they may get the result in 7 or 8 months instead of 6 but the result is guaranteed. This treatment is solely a cosmetic one. It is for the people who require getting straightened teeth within a shorter span of time to be presentable in front of others. This treatment is useful for those people whose presentable appearance would help them to get a job. There are many job posts which require a presentable appearance of the people like secretaries, receptionists etc.

Facts about Six Months Orthodontic Treatment

Low Cost

As in this treatment it requires lesser number of teeth to be straightened the overall cost of this treatment is much reasonable. For the straightening of the full set of teeth, the cost is much higher but in this case the cost is much lower and this makes it much easier for the people to get this treatment at a reasonable price. As mentioned before that this treatment is an essential one besides being a cosmetic one.

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Faster Better Treatment

As the requirement is straightening of lesser number of teeth, the treatment is faster than the whole treatment. For faster results, braces are used in this treatment process instead of aligners. People use transparent braces or traditional braces but not aligners. Aligners are not provided in this treatment. There are a lot of queries among the people who wish to know whether this treatment causes root damage in the teeth or not. The answer is no; this treatment is absolutely a safe one with guaranteed results.

Transparent Braces provided

As this is a cosmetic treatment, it is kept in mind that the people who are opting for this treatment are conscious about their appearance. So the dentists provide them with clear or transparent braces. This will help them to maintain both the braces and the teeth. As it is easier to see through the clear braces, it will be easier for the people to spot food particles stuck between the teeth and the braces and clean them unlike the traditional metallic braces. Transparent braces not only help in maintaining the natural look of the people but it is also helpful in preventing dental problems by helping the people with a clearer few of the food particles stuck in between.

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As this treatment is done with transparent braces, they are more comfortable than the metallic braces. This treatment is also less painful than the full orthodontic treatment. This treatment offers guaranteed results within six months with less discomfort and pain.

Guaranteed Results

People usually have doubts regarding the results of this treatment. They doubt whether they will get their desired results in six months or not. This result guarantees the desired results within six months. For some people it may not be exact six months but seven or eight months depending on their recovery time. People who have faster recovery will get their results within the promised six months but those who recover late; they may take a month or two more.

No Retainers needed

As this treatment is done with braces, the people do not require retainers for the permanent sustenance of the newly aligned teeth. Retainers are required to be worn after the person is done wearing dental aligners. Retainers are required after a person has done a full orthodontic treatment with dental aligners only but not braces. The retainers help in sustaining the results permanently. Retainers are not required to be worn after the braces as the braces permanently straighten the teeth with the wires in it.

The braces remain attached to the teeth and can be removed with the dentist’s permission and help unlike the aligners they can be removed and worn whenever the person feels. But it is advised to take of the aligners only while eating, drinking and brushing. The aligners provide the desired results more quickly if they are taken off less. As people can take off and wear the aligners according to their will, the permanence of the result acquired is not guaranteed and for this reason some people require retainers to make the results permanent.

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Whatever the treatment is, whether it is a longer or shorter a proper dentist should be consulted before taking any steps. It is better to have the orthodontic treatment under a well-known dentist for guaranteed safety and a good treatment. Usually, renowned dentists have better contacts with other dentists or orthodontists. These contacts are used when the dentist feels that the person needs any other form of treatment. Moreover, the dentists can detect whether there is any requirement of orthodontic treatment by looking at the dental condition.

For more detailed information on the six months orthodontic treatment one can have a look at 6 months smile London and get all the queries solved. Chatfield Dental Centre offers the best six months treatment with guaranteed results. It also offers proper dental check-up before deciding on the type of orthodontic treatment. It is also important to check whether the person can tolerate the six months treatment or not. If the person is not tolerant to the six months treatment then he should not go for the six months treatment. To save his teeth from major damage he should avoid this treatment and go for a long-term treatment with braces or aligners.


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