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What is the Android system?

Android system definition

He knows the system Alandroed Android as an operating system developed by Google, in order to use it for touch devices, mobile phones, tablet devices, and helps the system to facilitate the process of dealing with mobile devices through common movements of any screen, or click, or beaten Android programs have also been recently employed to fit TVs, cars, and wristwatches.

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Android open source project

The Android operating system is an open source system as it was developed specifically by Google, but it provides a free part of it to device manufacturers and phone companies, while Google charges manufacturers if they install Google applications from the operating system.

Android development history

The Android operating system is the product of the work of members of the Open Association of Mobile Phones (OHA), such as: Google, Dell, Intel, Samsung, LG, and others. Apache, which is a free and open source program as well, and the Android operating system consists of many Java applications and basic libraries for Java, and helps Android support multimedia as it can support 2D and 3D graphics, popular image and video formats, as well as support Multi-touch input.

Disadvantages of the Android operating system

Although the Android system is an alternative to other operating systems for mobile devices, there are many limitations of this system, and these limitations are often concentrated in complex and nested code that depends entirely on the Java language as well as the Objective-C programming language. For users, Android App Store apps tend to be more vulnerable to hacking due to lower security definitions, and the Android operating system’s lack of a voice control assistant and reliance on ads further intrusive some users.



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