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How to speed up an Android phone

Free up memory space

One of the things that speed up the work of the Android device is to increase the amount of memory in it; Therefore, it is recommended to delete any applications that the user may see that he no longer needs to have them on his device, or at least disable the work of some of them, and among other things that work to free up some free space in the Android device, is to delete any files belonging to the user in case he does not use them, and it includes These files are pictures or music clips, or even those files that are in the Downloads list.

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Use overclocking apps

There are many applications that can be used on the Android device in order to increase its speed, enhance the efficiency of its work and develop its performance. These applications organize many different things; Such as making sure that there are no duplicate files on the device, and some of them, such as the Greenify application, turn off applications that run in the background of the device, and the File Commander application allows detection of the parties that use the largest storage space on the device.

device update

To increase the speed of the Android device, it is necessary to be careful to update it continuously, in order to address any errors in the system on the device, and to obtain improvements continuously, and the matter of updating the device is not limited to its operating system only, as it is necessary to be careful to update the applications on the device. Android device, for a better performance device.

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Factory reset

Some believe that doing a factory reset to its default settings periodically maintains the speed of the device; The factory reset process leads to getting rid of everything that is excess and accumulated in the device, and this process is not required to include all data and settings on the device, and it is worth noting that it is recommended to take a backup copy of the user’s data before resetting his device to factory settings, and a reset can be done factory by following the following steps:

  • Open the Settings app on the device.
  • Click on the Backup & reset option.
  • Click on Factory data reset.

Turn off auto sync

Too many apps syncing through your Android device may limit its speed and cause it to slow down; Where some applications such as news and weather applications and others use the Internet through the device within a short period of time and periodically, so it is recommended to increase the synchronization time of these applications, or even stop the synchronization feature for some applications, and work to update them manually according to the user’s desire.



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