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Top 10 Amazon Keyword Research Tools You Need in 2024

Amazon Keyword Research tools

Amazon Keyword Research Tools – Amazon is the top eCommerce website most trusted by customers. It has a complete range of products, including household items, beauty products, furniture, gadgets, clothes, and others. It expands your range throughout the country. Retailers, shopkeepers, book publishers, and sellers can tie-up with Amazon.

New sellers need not own the shop to start selling on Amazon. If you rise in your country, you can sell your products across the globe as well. So, it is the best place for boosting your business and expand your bandwidth.

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Now the question arises, how can customers find you? What are the keyword tools that you can use to make this process easier? The online market has many such tools available. But, we’ll list the top ten best keyword research tools for you to get featured higher on Amazon and search engines:

10 Best Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Tool for Amazon

Keyword Tool is the most authentic tool that uses Amazon autocomplete. It fetches the best results for you without extra effort. Also, it provides you with a list of relevant keywords for your products, services, or topic. You can get keywords specific to categories as well. Furthermore, if you choose a paid subscription, it will give you amazon keyword search volume.

Keyword Inspector

Do you want to target your audience with suitable keywords? Keyword Inspector is the best answer. It uses three thronged approach to display search results. It inspects keywords from Google autocomplete, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. You can take the help of SEO experts to find the best keywords for you and assist you in growing your business.

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Google Keyword Planner

Are you looking for keywords to launch ad campaigns? You must have seen products coming on top of SERPs when you put a query on Amazon with an “ad” written with it. Google keyword planner is the three-word solution for your Amazon search campaigns. It will help effectively highlight your brand and products. 

Ahrefs Site Explorer

Ahref Site explorer is recommended tool for performing competitor keyword analysis. It gives what the keywords for which competitors are ranking high on SERPs are. Accordingly, you can explore deep into keywords for Amazon. Click on Amazon competing keywords, then to organic traffic search, filter results in monthly/weekly search volume, impressions, global volume, or return rate.

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Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is the top choice for Amazon PPC and SEO. It goes into deep details of keywords data to tell you specific and general search volume. You can even perform a reverse-search for Amazon Standard identification number to see which keywords products are ranking high. Also, it gives you organic and sponsored keyword ranking data using history. 

Merchant words

Merchant words use the most extensive database for fetching appropriate keywords for you. It is trendy amongst Amazon sellers and marketers. You can:

  • Visualize product opportunities.
  • Get insights into competitor’s data.
  • Increase your sales and launch successful Amazon marketing campaigns.

Additionally, you can opt for its Platinum, Gold, Silver plan for getting advanced services such as LSI keywords and the latest trends in the market.

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SellerApp is the one-stop solution to take care of your Amazon marketing, sales, and operations. You can make PPC and SEO robust with the SellerApp keyword research tool. Benefits:

  • It helps you achieve a spike in your sales using more than 135 million keyword databases.
  • You can increase your brand awareness and strengthen your presence on Amazon.
  • Grab the opportunity to capture more leads.

Scientific Seller

Scientific Seller works on a unique concept to provide the most authentic keyword research results. It will give you the first few hundred results in a matter of seconds. But after that, it may take a couple of hours to catch hold of word roots.

Helium 10

Helium 10 is the foremost choice of sellers for keyword research. It can give an instant boost in rankings and sales. Indeed, Helium 10 employs Amazon SEO using seed keyword or ASIN. You can remain many steps ahead of your competitors with competitive and related search keywords.

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Sonar is a prominent research tool amongst Amazon sellers, retailers, and vendors. You can use this tool for improving your amazon product listings with high-performing keywords. It gives you valuable tips on representing your product in terms of keywords placement positions, easy-to-read text, and others. Furthermore, Sonar makes it super easy to exhibit product stories and images with its benefits, influence on customer’s lifestyles.


In short, Amazon Keyword Research tools are the shortcut method to improve your online presence. These tools have done extensive research on Amazon and search engine console. It helps you optimize your products and services to improve your rankings. You can add these keywords in the product description, image alt tags, and amazon tags. So, which one of the tools did you find most appropriate?


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