5 Ways you can style your pink sarees for different occasions

pink sarees

Wearing sarees are a total delight because they make women look elegant and classy. Sarees in all colours look really good, but pink sarees in particular look ravishing when worn during any given occasion. 

If you have always loved channeling your inner Barbie, you can take your look to a whole new level in pink sarees. You can either shop online or in person but when you buy pink sarees, remember to experiment with different fabrics such as cotton, linen, satin, silk, and organza. 

Now that you’ve bought yourself a beautiful saree, let us show you how you can style it in different ways. 

  1. Go for a monotone look: The current trend in the fashion industry is the monotone look. If you want to take the fashion world by storm, embrace this trend while wearing your pink saree. You can drape the nine yards of pink fabric on a matching blouse. But, your blouse doesn’t have to be the same shade of pink as your saree. To highlight the difference between the two, make sure your blouse is different, although a matching shade of pink to your saree. 
  1. Nail your colour block look: If you’re done sporting a monotone look, it’s time to embrace the colour blocking trend. Colour blocking means wearing two different colours at the same time. For example, if you’re wearing a pink saree, you can pair it with an orange blouse. Pink and orange is the latest combination that you can play with. This look will definitely set you apart from the crowd. You can play with different colours such as black or grey or even white, which are a safer bet. 
  1. Embrace the florals: Irrespective of what the season is, floral prints are totally in. Floral sarees look gorgeous no matter what the occasion. You can opt for a floral printed saree if you want a toned down look or a pink saree with colourful floral embroidery all over it if you want a heavy look. Either way, you can channel the trending floral print in your traditional look. 
  1. Accessorise it right: If you thought a funky safety pink is the only way to accessorise your saree, you need to do a double check. You can accessorise your traditional look by wearing a belt around your waist. Yes, once you’re done wearing your saree, you can wear a belt over it. Depending upon your pink saree, you can choose between silver, golden or corset-style belts, which are all the rage today.
  1. Experiment with the blouse design: Wearing a regular blouse can become monotonous. So break the boredom and experiment with your blouse pattern. You can opt for a tube blouse for a bold look or experiment with necklines and sleeves also. Boat neck, off-shoulder blouses, halter neck blouses, backless blouses, blouses with cold shoulders are a few types you can try. 

These are the best ways to style your pink sarees. Sport a different look each time you step out in your nine yards of elegance.