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Myths and facts of Vitamin B12 for Erectile Dysfunction

Bad Vitamin for Erectile Dysfunction

Medical studies have confirmed that males with low vitamin B 12 face erectile dysfunction. This stems from the fact that this vitamin boosts several aspects of health that boost erection process.

Erectile dysfunction is difficulty in getting an erection even when a male is aroused. The male facing erectile dysfunction also finds it difficult to sustain the erection to complete the intercourse. It has also come to notice that males with vitamin deficiency cannot get full benefit from Levitra 40mg a higher dose for higher resistance to erection. It is important to a healthy body with normal libido, testosterone and sperm count to even use the booster.

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Can vitamin B12 cause erectile dysfunction? or Vitamin B12 as erection boost

Vitamin has been linked to male fertility and erectile dysfunction. This vitamin supports the formation of red blood cells, which transport oxygen and nutrients from food to various parts of the body. It also enhances cellular metabolism, increases sperm production, which enhances the erection process in males. Medical observations have revealed that males who were dealing with anemia, poor stamina and impaired erection were showing signs of low vitamin B 12 levels.

Vitamin B 12 through natural ways in foods items protects penile nerve and stimulates blood flow. It is found in cheese, meat, seafood, crabs, sardines, fish, poultry, etc. Vegetarian items cheese, etc also contain the same vitamin. However, there are some myths that need to be cleared before using vitamin B 12

What vitamins are good for erectile dysfunction?

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Myth- more than necessary is not good for health

Fact -Supplements more than necessary can be dangerous to health. Many vitamin supplements are available without dose requirement. American cancer society has mentioned that overdose of vitamin supplements can harm body.

Consult a medical expert to understand the need for vitamin supplement. Get the right dose only if the requirement cannot be fulfilled through food items. Prefer food items to get B 12. Relying on supplements will also interfere with medicines like Sildenafil citrate 200mg, a dose doctor prescribe for severe erection issues.

Myth –vitamin protects your heart

Fact – there is no confirmed data to support this myth. The vitamin supplements, multivitamins, vitamin D or B 12 show no consistent benefit in prevention of cardiovascular diseases, stroke, etc. there were some benefits, but these are small, and need a large doses of supplements.

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Myth – supplements can be used with ED medicines

Fact – erectile dysfunction medicine reacts with every medicine including doses a higher dose for erection issues. Many supplements including vitamin B 12 contain chemicals which react with other medicines. A study in 2012 has mentioned that reactions that takes place between supplements and medicines. The study listed more than 1491 reactions between vitamin supplements and medicines.

Vitamin B 12 through food items is the best ingredient as compared to supplements

B 12 is the vital ingredient in formation of DNA. It enhances the cellular metabolism which overcomes any erection issue. Erection issue at the cellular level is slow blood flow towards the pelvic area. Though, the best way to increases it  through food items, the seniors who need instant result in form of erection are given injection. Injections improve male fertility by boosting the sperm count.

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Medical experts reveal that by giving daily B 12 injections the number of spermatozoa is boosted to get erection process to normal level. Experts also believe that other vitamins such as B complex, vitamin C and D, also play important part in overall erection process.

Consult medical experts

Let a medical expert decide the level of deficiency of vitamin B 12. Never use over the counter supplements to replenish deficiency. Understand the dose requirement and take the suggested dose, only if you are suffering from sharp decline this vitamin. Otherwise the best way is increasing intake of fish, meat, pork, beef, and seafood. And if you are also using ED medicines, never mix supplements with erectile dysfunction medicines.

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Vitamin B 12 is a vital ingredient in keeping erection process intact. Its deficiency in males has been linked with erection issues. Consult the doctor to understand the level of deficiency. Use supplements only when doctors suggest. Prefer food items like meat, eggs, cheese, seafood, and poultry. Keep a balance diet with fruits, nuts and green vegetables to reap overall benefit.


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