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How Lifestyle Changes Can Help Solve ED?

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When a man has (ED) Erectile Dysfunction or Male Impotence, he cannot achieve or maintain a firm erection. ED is also called “impotence.” About one in ten men has erectile dysfunction or some impotence.

Most Erectile Dysfunction has a physical cause. Diseases such as diabetes or prostate cancer and its treatment, injury, and the side effects of drugs can reduce or prevent blood flow and nerve impulses to the penis. Only about 10% of impotence has a psychological cause.

Another physical cause of impotence can be a lifestyle. Stress on your body or mind can affect your erectile function.

Clinical studies have found that changing or managing various lifestyle factors can help decrease the chances of developing impotence.

Quit smoking:

Medical experts believe smoking is a large contributing factor to Erectile Dysfunction. Achieving an erection is a complex process. It involves the nervous (brain, spine, nerves), vascular (blood flow), and endocrine (hormones) systems. When these systems work flawlessly, smooth muscles relax, and penile tissues fill with blood.

Smoking can harm these systems. The (MMAS) Massachusetts Male Aging Study found smoking worsens cardiovascular problems that lead to impotence. It was found that smokers with heart disease and high blood pressure were impotent more often than non-smokers with the disease.

Quitting smoking can help some men partly or wholly restore erectile function. The MMAS results underscored this point, especially in men under 60 age.

Control of Diabetes:

Diabetes is a significant risk factor for Erectile Dysfunction. Diabetes can damage arteries or nerve endings in the penis. Men with diabetes are 2-5 times more likely to experience male impotence.

By age 70, over 50 percent of men with diabetes have some Erectile Dysfunction problems. Diet, exercise, and insulin therapy can help avoid diabetes-related Erectile Dysfunction.

Reduce Cholesterol:

They need a Healthy circulatory system for an erection. High Cholesterol can damage the walls of your veins. It can harden, narrow, or block the arteries leading to your penis. This can cause Erectile Dysfunction. So check your cholesterol level often. If your Cholesterol is high, see a doctor. Reduce and lower Cholesterol through diet, exercise, and medicine.

Avoid Substance Abuse:

Abusing alcohol, tobacco, drug, cocaine, and other substances is a significant cause of impotence. For example, more than 80 percent of chronic alcoholics have chronic impotence.

Lose Weight:

The American Urological Association has found that overweight men are more likely to have Erectile Dysfunction. For example, a man with a waistline of 42 inches was nearly twice as likely to have erectile brokenness as a man with a 32-inch waist. Losing weight can help protect your health and your erectile ability.


According to the same American Urological Association study, regular exercise can reduce the chances of getting ED that correlated erectile dysfunction with being overweight.

Reduce stress and anxiety:

Anxiety and Stress are leading causes of temporary Erectile Dysfunction. Reducing stress and anxiety can mean better erections when you want them. Erectile Dysfunction can be treated. Fildena 50 and Cenforce D other drugs, penile implants, vacuum erection devices, injection therapy, and urethral suppositories are proven treatments.

Viagra increases blood flow to the penis. Many men find it useful. However, Viagra fails for 30-40% of men who try it. Men who have not had success with Cenforce 25 should seek other treatments, including other drugs and penile implants.

An implant is often the most effective long-term solution and the best alternative for maximum sexual spontaneity. Implants have been enhanced and perfected over 29 years. Nearly 300,000 men have had a penile implant. Long-term clinical studies show a very high satisfaction with the devices.

The best treatment for Erectile Dysfunction depends on many things. These comprise a man’s health, personal, and physical tolerance for the treatment. Contact an urologist specializing in the treatment of ED or Impotence.

The doctor will diagnose your Erectile Dysfunction and discuss treatment options with you and your partner.


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