How do Computer screen video recording


Record a video of your computer screen via Settings

Some operating systems, such as Windows 10, contain a default tool built into the system settings that enables the user to capture a recording of his computer screen , and this tool can be accessed and run by following the following steps:

  • Step:1 Pressing the Windows + G keys on the computer keyboard, a pop-up window appears asking the user if they want to open this tool known as the Game Bar.
  • Step:2 Clicking the checkbox next to Yes, this is a game, to bring up a toolbar containing many buttons and checkboxes.
  • Step:3 Click on the Record icon, which appears on the screen in the form of a small red circle.
  • Step:4 Click the Stop button when the recording is complete, and the video will be saved to the Videos folder in File Explorer.

Note: Some operating systems do not have tools built into the operating system that allow the user to record the screen of his computer; In Windows 7, Windows 8, or even Windows XP, some software is required to be downloaded through the device to perform the screen recording of the device.

Computer screen video recording via software

The user can resort to using any of the programs that allow him to record a video of his computer screen, and there are many of these programs; Such as OBS Studio, which is the most suitable program for capturing and recording computer screen video, in addition to the fact that this program is free, it is also open source, and provides its users with the ability to record full-screen video across the device, and this program also contains live broadcasting tools during recording.

Record a video of your computer screen via the web

The user can resort to using some websites that allow him to record a video of his computer screen , in case he does not want to download any programs on his device, and he can use the Apowersoft website that can be accessed by clicking on the link click here , through One of the modern Internet browsers available on the user’s device, and when opening this site, you must click on the Start recording button. This site allows its users to record a specific area of ​​the screen or the entire screen, and comments and explanations can be added to the video during its recording, This makes it a suitable option for education.