6 Google Alternative Storage Apps for Photos: Know Pricing and Storage


Google Alternative Storage Apps: Google Photos is stopping its free service, which now allows unlimited photos to be stored. To use Google Potos Storage, you need to pay.

So far, Google has allowed its users 15GB of free storage in a Google Photos account. This included the option to share high quality photo and video. However, there is no problem if your account’s 15GB storage is still outstanding. If someone’s 15 GB quota is already empty they owe money

Many were using the Google Photos storage option. Google’s decision, however, has prompted other storage options. 

Here is the 6 Google Alternative Storage Apps for Photos

Google Alternative Storage apps

Microsoft OneDrive

One drive can be used as an alternative to Google Photos. It has a gallery view option for photo storage and a feature for automatic image tagging. Microsoft will also offer other services. OneDrive is a best Google alternative storage apps for photos.

Cost: Rs. 140 per month if you have 100GB of storage. 5GB offers free storage. 489 per month for Microsoft 365 Personal Plan. Or pay 4,899 a year. You get 1TB of storage and access to Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Apple iCloud and Apple One

You can opt for the iCloud Plan or Apple One if using Apple Product. Apple One offers iCloud Storage and Apple Arcade, TV + and Music. 50GB users will have to pay Rs. The iCloud storage plan is available at Rs 219 for 200 GB and Rs 749 for 2TB.

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos option is better than Google Photos. It can be shared with up to 5 family members, not only editing, sharing. Amazon Photos users pay Rs 150 per month for 100GB.


Offering 20GB for free. Not only that, but it also features eight-to-end encrypted features and supports Gmail. DigiBoxx users have to pay 30GB per month to store 100GB. Similarly Rs 560 has to be spent for 5TB. Offers 2GB for free. But its storage benefit plan starts at Rs 730.


DropBox is also great for storing file, photo, video. This is the Cloud Storage Flat Farm.

Flickr Pro

Google is an alternative and has unlimited storage. That is why users should pay 580 per month. 5,200 per annum.

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