10 Best Two Player Game Apps for Android and iOS


Two player games apps on Android or iOS devices are quite popular nowadays, and a wonderful way to spend your time with the best ones on smartphones. But all two-player games are equally handy and interesting and games for play with friends run on different platforms for Android users and iOS users are quite different from each other. As we know, playing games with our friends or family or even strangers is one of the best ways to kill out your boring time.

If you do not have a better internet connection on your Android or IOS smartphone and you want to play the game, then you have to play it offline. You can also play the local play game on your smartphone with your friends when you do not have internet. However, the most interesting part of these free two player game apps is its varieties as beginning from the vocabulary and word making challenges, there are more best two player game apps available for the users to pass their boring time in playing such interesting games.

After surveying the market a lot, we have found lots of apps to play with friends on Android and iOS devices so that the user can enjoy with their friends and family without the hassle of online search for finding best two players game for iPhone and Android phones as:

Top 10 Two Player Game Apps for Android and iOS

Glow Hockey

This is one of the best two player android game app 2019 which has the 2 player mode and also has 3 themes and colorful glow graphics in it. This game is quite smooth and responsive and will provide you the experience of realistic physics. This game will vibrate on goals and has many features that may exist to the users playing the game.

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Red Hands

So do you think that you are lightning fast and have got better reflexes? Then, you should try out Red hands game app to find out where you stand in the battle of speed.

As the game starts, one player as the attacker and the other one is the defender. And, if the latter chickens out three times, then it would be the perfect free hit. The one who gets the 10 points first will be the winner.

Challenge your friend

This is the game developed by Jovanovski and it one of the best free game on Android and iOS device. In this game, you can challenge your friends and it requires two players and one device to play. In this game, you will require finding a friend and need to select one of the multiplayer games. This game will offer you the random challenges and if you both accept the challenge then you have to press accept to continue this game further.

Word Scramble

Word scramble is another most popular and best two player games on an iOS device which challenges you to find the right word among letters. In this game, you have to swipe or slide your screen between the letters to form the words. Your score and trophies will rise up as you win the tasks.  This game comes with three modes i.e. classic, blitz, and marathon.

Tic Tac Toe

A digitized Tic Tac Toe game is one of the best game app on Android device to play that support one or two player gameplay. Its bot gameplay includes the 3 different difficulty levels and you can also play this game against your friend by using either two-player or network play mode. The network play mode of this game will let you play against your game center friends or any random opponents of the network.

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Heads Up

Heads Up..!! It is one of the sensational games to play with friends on the phone and worth having a shot. In this game app, you have to guess the word on the card before the timer runs out. From singing, naming celebrities or silly accents, it has got plenty to keep the users get trained. You can play this fascinating game with your friends or more than hundreds of friends at one go.

Bouncy Basketball

Bouncy basketball is the physics-based two player game which was developed by Dreamon Studios for Android and iOS devices. This is the best game app for a basketball player and lovers with your friends. You can also start this local multiplayer online gameplay with friends on your Android and iOS smartphones. To win this game, you have to get 5 goals in it.

Pen Fight

Pen fight is one of the ultimate two-player game apps which send back to the users to their childhood. It is one of the best childhood games that children’s usually play in their classrooms. This game has unique opponents with the increasing difficulty which helps you to play the unlimited game on your smartphones. To easily play this interesting game, there are lots of new pens and fun characters with better graphics.

Boxing Amazing

Boxing amazing is also one of the most prominent and fantastic game apps which are based on real boxing and physics principle. This is free and easy to use two player games for Android and iOS users that help you to start visual boxing. This game offers real boxing control as jump left, right, punch, knockout, etc in one button.

Wrestle Jump Man

Wrestle jump man is another amazing and best two player game app for Android and iOS users. This is one of the best wrestling game apps for a wrestling lover that allows you to begin fighting with your friends. It is the funny game app that provides the chance to make your opponent hit the obstacles by rollover in the air hand in hand.


These are the globally popular two-player games for iOS devices which users can play with their friends or family or anyone else to make it fun and more pleasure. These games are widely appreciated for their uniqueness and user-friendly nature as well as have a clean interface. Therefore, choose the widest game that suits your mood and enjoy the best game app for Android or iOS device a lot more than ever.