7 Best Animation Apps for Android and iOS

There was a time when it was not so easy and handy to make an animation for normal people. But now, the time is so changed, you can easily create animation and GIFs on your smartphone by using the perfect best animation apps. 

These apps will help you to easily make perfect animation videos by using the photos from your gallery. It will also help you to use popular animation apps such as cartoon yourself apps and thus to make cartoon photos of your friends, family, and others.

Are you searching for an app where you can create your own cartoon with your self-invented characters? Today, animations are used virtually in all areas and thus serve entertainment purposes on television, cinema, advertising, etc.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field of animation, the best animation software is what you need apart from all other programs and tools. Thus making your own animated movies voiced by you and with cartoon characters made by you is quite fun.

But, no worries..!! There are many free animation software that will help you to create effective cartoons and GIFs for your business.

Many of the free animation apps are also available free of cost on the Google play store that will meet your needs for those animation projects that you have been waiting to take up.

While you create some awesome animation by using the different tools they offer, it also allows you to transport the devices in various formats, thus making use of image animation tools and many more.

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7 Best Animation Apps for Android

Let us look at the 7 best animation apps for Android devices that will cater to your needs and will help you to enjoy with as:


This is one of the most popular and best animation creator apps that will inspire your children to create their own cartoons. This app will develop artistic and language skills in children and will demonstrate key principles of storytelling. With the help of this app, you will find pirates, princesses, distant galaxies, and a lot of different characters in the apps.


Have you always loved to draw and dream of making your own cartoon images? Then, these 3D animation creator apps for android devices will help you to do that. These are short cartoons, which can be easily operated on the principle of frame by frame. All you need to do is to just change the bunch of options and thus begin creating your video. This app is very interesting and is able to create a great animation with a range of functions and a simple interface, and practically everyone can make something more interesting with this app.

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Puppet Pals HD

Puppet Pals HR directors pass is an easy-to-use cartoon creator app that will help you to create compelling animations of your own by using a variety of themes and characters. This app will help you to create an endless array of animations and thus can be used in most of the lessons. This app can be easily helpful to develop the children’s imagination skills as well as teach them how to sequence, explore navigation, character, plot, etc.

PicsArt Animator

PicsArt takes a slightly different approach with more stickers and emojis offered in it and can be considered the best animation app for iPad. If you looking to mix and match the animation with your real-life scenario, then this is the cool app, where you will find all the usual tools like frames, timeline support, ghost mode, layers, voiceovers, etc. This is a cool collection of artwork to choose from and you can also control the speed and length of the animation as much as you need. The major benefit of this app is that it has all those features which the person needs while creating their best animation cartoon.


GIFMob is the best animated GIF maker apps for android as well as iOS users that allow users to make unlimited animation free of cost. It is the perfect app that will help you to make stop motion to GIF, and MP4 and thus save and share them with your friend, family, or anyone else. Using this app, it is very easy to make an animation using a camera or by choosing images and saving stop motion as an animated GIF or video file.

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Rough Animator

Rough Animator is another best and most prominent animation creator app for Android or iOS users that allows you to make hand-drawn animation on your devices. By using this app, the users will be able to draw the frame animation so that they can easily select and delete any frame when it is required. This is one of the most powerful animation apps and is simple to use for beginners. This app provides the option to ad unlimited layers to make an animation with the audio and video import features.

StopMotion Studio

Stop motion studio is one of the most popular animation apps for iPad which allows users to make animation videos on their devices. This is one of the easiest apps to get you into stop motion movie making for Android and iOS users and is also used as the best slow motion video app to make slow motion videos with different video editor options. It has a wide range of features which makes it different from each other getting into stop motion video.


There are so many animation creator apps available on the Google play store; it is all up to you to choose the best one that suits your needs and preferences. Therefore, select the best animation creator apps for making your creatives catchier and bringing out your imagination in a more effective manner.


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