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Best Mobile Android Games In India – Games That Will Leave You Surprised!

Mobile Android Games

If you are finding it hard to spend time doing something exciting, then I would suggest you to go through the article right now. That’s because we have brought you some exciting best Android mobile games that won’t leave you bored and you are going to enjoy playing them a lot. 

It’s time to get acquainted with some amazing games. So, let’s get started, and don’t forget to note down the names of these highly interesting games!

Best Android Games in India

Now that most people are into playing games, let me introduce you to some most popular mobile games in India

  1. Pokemon Go
  2. EA Sports FC Mobile
  3. Among Us
  4. Castelvania: Symphony of the Night
  5. Ludo King
  6. Free Fire Max
  7. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2
  8. World Cricket Championship 3
Mobile Android Games

1. Free Fire MAX

free fire

The next game on our list is Free Fire Max, where you need to fight for your survival by utilizing safe zones. In addition to this, you can also plan your own strategy to survive until the last level. 

Apart from this, you also need to search for different kinds of weapons to claim victory. And yes, there are many more elements you have not seen before. So, keep some space on your phone to get this game downloaded!

Download Link – Google Play Store

2. Pokémon Go

Based on augmented reality Pokemon Go is a very common yet desirable name in the field of gaming. The exciting elements of this game make sure that the players come back soon as they keep them hooked. 

Even the makers of this game keep an eye on the improvisations required in the game from time to time. With continuous updates coming on the way, Pokemon Go is the game you should try your hands on. Who knows, this might turn out to be one of your top mobile games.

3. EA Sports FC Mobile

Replaced by FIFA mobile, EA Sports FC Mobile has emerged as the only love for football fans. These days, people might forget to set reminders for their meetings, but they can’t forget to open this game at least once on their phones.

That’s not it, the most alluring element of this game is that it keeps welcoming new updates and features to bring something new for its users. So, it’s time to try this out!

4. Among Us

Known as one of the most popular mobile games in India, Among Us is some of the most interesting games you can’t imagine giving up on. The  astronaut in the game will stay with you like your old school friend, 

But both of you need to remain vigilant because there’s a lot coming to you. Wanna know more? Oops, find out for yourself!

Download Link – Google Play Store

5. Castelvania: Symphony of the Night

When it comes to top mobile games, you cannot definitely miss out on Castevania. There’s a lot you can find out about the castle and learn about your unique abilities. You know what, there are lots of punching bags that you are going to like.

In addition to this, there are some interesting elements as well that are going to make you crazy. So, get this game downloaded on your Android. 

6. Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

If you are up with the idea of playing with multiple players, then this game is the right pick for you. Here, you get a chance to play with up to 6 players. And guess what! This game will make you feel nostalgic about the 90s. 

Apart from this, intuitive dual stick and shooting controls with jetpack flights are some of the interesting features of this game. So, enjoy them today!

7. World Cricket Championship 3

Are you looking for some free games for Android? If yes, your wish has come true! World Cricket Championship is an amazing game that can give you a real life experience of playing cricket with customized stadiums

That’s not it, you get live commentary of your game and the chance to manage your team to claim victory!

8. Ludo King

ludo king

Here comes one of the best Android games in India whose popularity is no less than any game we have listed above. This class board game allows you to engage with people across the nation to make the game more interesting. 

This cross-platform game can be used for both Android and computer, so you can get it downloaded on any device you are comfortable with!

Download Link – Google Play Store


We are sure that by now you must have shortlisted some of the games from the list. Now that you know about some best multiplayer mobile games, you can say goodbye to your loneliness. Grab your phone today and get these games downloaded today. Don’t miss the chance to have some fun without stepping out!

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