6 Best Drawing Apps For Smartphones Free

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “every artist was first an amateur”. Don’t know who Ralph Waldo Emerson was? Doesn’t matter. But do you believe there is a digital artist hidden somewhere in you? The next Picasso veiled beneath a shy amateur? Then you are in the right place. Here is a list of wondrous digital art apps and best drawing apps that will help nurture your art and bring out the artist in you. Also read: Top 13 Best Spelling Apps for Kids

List of Top 6 Best Drawing Apps for Android Smartphone

Drawing Apps
  1. Sketchbook
  2. PaperDraw
  3. Adobe Illustrator Draw
  4. Artflow
  5. Graphiter
  6. MadiBang Paint

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1. Sketchbook

New to the concept of digital art? Sketchbook is your app. It is an award-winning Android drawing app that is relevant to both the newbies and creative professionals. It comes with ten customizable brushes along with six blending modes and up to three different layers.

This app also gives you an opportunity of opening and exporting PSD files while retaining layers and blending modes. Want to know something better? This app comes with a feature of infinite undo.

Gone are the days of ‘paint’ where undo gave up on you right when you needed it. The free version of this app covers all the essential features whereas the pro version includes over 160 different and a dozen more added features which is beneficial for a more mature artist. This is one of the best drawing apps in the free segment.

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2. PaperDraw

As the name suggests, PaperDraw is an app that tries to give its users a real life drawing experience. It’s for all those orthodox artists out there who love the feel of and texture of the paper.

This best painting apps includes all the necessary features such as various brush types, pencil eraser etc. But it stands out with a fairly unique feature of being able to import a picture as a base map, thus helping the artist to trace an outline. This comes as a true blessing for all those painting enthusiasts for whom drawing is the only hurdle to reach their happy place.

3. Adobe Illustrator Draw

Any digital art article without the mention of Adobe can as well be deemed incomplete. Owing to its high publicity this adobe application also doesn’t disappoint. Adobe Illustrator Draw is an award-winning drawing app for Android from Adobe that provides a variety of drawing features along with a wide range of necessary tools.

You can get several types of customizable brushes, five different pen tips, multiple images and drawing layers, undo/redo buttons and a whole lot more. Adobe Illustrator Draw is top free drawing apps in play store. It also lets you easily lets you post your masterpiece on social media to get some much-needed feedback. Well, a small paragraph isn’t enough to explain this application in detail you’ll have to use it and unravel the remaining surprises.

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4. Artflow

There are multiple art apps available nowadays but this app easily steals the show. Artflow is free for anyone to try out however the free version puts forth quite a few limitations on the number of tools layers and undo steps the pro version is definitely worth the money as it opens up a different world of digital art for you with mesmerizing tools like smudge brush as well as gradient fill options. Think you’ve read enough? Well, the best is yet to come art flows selling point stems from the way it simulates the dynamics and flow of real paintbrushes on screen. This app works with high-resolution canvases and pressure-sensitive styluses such as Samsung’s S Pen, thus giving you plenty of flexibility and control over your drawings.

5. Graphiter

Colors please the mind but the magic created by old-school black and white is unmatched. Graphite gives you an opportunity of creating black and white graphite pencil sketches on your digital platform. Get that perfect texture and feel by using simple tools such as blend tool, eraser, and graphite pencil and work your way to a mystical masterpiece.

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6. MadiBang Paint

Ever wondered what it would be to make your own Marvel comic? Do you find yourself trying to illustrate various stories in your style? Now you can stop wondering and get working. MadiBang Paint is a lightweight digital painting and comic creation application that is excellent for comic book artists. This drawing apps has cross-platform support and is available for mobile, Mac, and Windows. It includes over 100 free brushes, various tones, textures, backgrounds, and comic creation tools. You can also get access to cloud storage and efficiently manage, backup, and share your work with the world.

Now that you have the technology at your feet, don’t hesitate to let your inner artist out and venture into an enchanting world of paints, colors and strokes.


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