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7 Best VR Apps for Kids, Virtual Reality Apps

From Keanu Reaves in the matrix to everyone’s favorite Jarvis from The Marvel universe, virtual reality has always been everyone’s favorite future concept. It might have been a distant dream before but thanks to the ever-evolving IT industry, VR has now reached our very own ‘smart‘ phones. Well, till the time the machines are still in our control and don’t take up the planet in a hostile takeover (typical Hollywood plot), you may want to use these best virtual reality apps that will leave you mesmerized with the experience.

List of 7 Best VR Apps for Kids 2021

Google Tilt Brush 

It is like the MS paint but now the world is your white screen. It’s a room-scale 3-D painting application hinting at a bright future for designing. You may need an HTC vive or Oculus Rift VR headsets to run this application which is provided for free by Google.

Being a digital application you can go back to delete any mistakes you made in the artwork, and even save your work in the 3-D space. Such innovations make us think if science is more artistic than art can ever be. So let your inner Picasso play with this amazing piece of new tech with this best virtual reality apps. 

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Google Expedition

This best virtual reality apps was earlier designed for US School kids but now can be downloaded from the Google Play store. As the name suggests the educational app takes you on different tours and expeditions from dense Amazon forests to the Huge Sahara Dessert. The children can enjoy an underwater experience to understand life below the oceans or fulfill their dream of exploring the outer space.

The applications boast off over 800 VR and 100 AR tours. Personally, I feel a tour of the human body or watching the battle of Waterloo would surely generate a better understanding and interest in classrooms.

InMind VR

InMind VR is one of the best virtual reality apps out there. In this free game, the user is shrunk to microscopic size and sent inside a human brain. The player has to identify the bad neurons and kill them while learning about different parts of the brain and their roles in the meantime.

The application would surely motivate future doctors!

Discovery VR

Parents often pester their kids to watch informative Tv channels like Nat Geo or discovery without much success. This official VR app from the discovery channel is here to solve that issue. The user can access a large amount of content from discovery by experiencing it in Virtual reality. Imagine that!


This VR movie unfolds the story of a young girl in a cloud – born in a cloud-borne village is vivid, mesmerizing and breathtakingly beautiful. The story is viewed from a first-person point of view while exploring the beautiful virtual world as you please even away from the storyline. This app is a revolutionary upgrade to the storybooks as the user is transported right in the center of this charming story. Gone are the days of imagining jack climb the beanstalk.

DinoTrek VR

Dino Trek is a virtual experience in the dino – era. The application is very informative and entertaining as it provides an experience of how it would have been to be alive at the time when dinosaurs inhabited this planet. This should be able to answer your child’s questions like “Who would win in a fight between the T Rex and Giganotosaurus?” or how long was the Brachiosaurus

Peronio: Pop Up Book

Another beautifully designed and best virtual reality apps to help introduce your child to different professions in the world using an interactive game. The user plays the character of Peronio who is a young boy confused about what he wants to become in the future. The game is designed in the form of a pop-up book with each chapter unfolding and explaining a new profession. Go on! Give your child the correct push into this world.

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