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5 Stunning Ways to Keep Your Lips Naturally Pink

Keep Your Lips Naturally Pink: Have you ever dreamt of having those natural pink lips again that you used to have once when you were a child? Yes…right? me too but how? Don’t worry we got you covered. As a teenager even I go through this same problem, but because of being a beauty expert and enthusiast for the last 5 years, I tried a hell lot of things and use more than 34+ ways to get those pink lips naturally, and I failed many times, but in the end after trying so many remedies and doing a lot of exploration on getting those sweet juicy soft pink lips, I finally found the best homemade remedies, that are easy to use, and which are definitely going to help you in getting your dream lips.

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5 Best Ways of Keeping Your Lips Naturally Pink

1. Using Lemon & Sugar For Exfoliating the Lip Skin

Lemons are the best home ingredients for exfoliating the dead skin present on our lips and it is very simple to use. It wipes out the dead skin from our lips and helps in growing a new layer of fresh soft skin on our lips.

How to use:

Take a fresh slice of lemon, rub it on your lips thoroughly, it will help you in getting rid of dead skin and then put some sugar on your lips, spread it adequately. After 5 minutes wash it off and apply a good quality lip balm on your lips.

Tip: Do this procedure at least 3-4 times a week for one month to start getting the desired results. Also read: Amazing Benefits of Mango for the Skin Health

2. Using Beetroot for Pink Lips

Have you ever eaten beetroot in your life? If yes, you are probably aware of how it turns your tongue and lips pink color, but do you know why this happens? Let me tell you, the reason behind it, beetroot contains a red pigment that helps in removing dead lip cells, and making your lips pink.

How to use:

  1. Take a fresh slice of beetroot and apply it on your lips adequately,
  2. You can even drink a glass of juice made of beetroot,
  3. Or you can eat the beetroot too.

These were some of the ways of using beetroot for your lips, you can go with any of them.

Tip: Use beetroot consistently for at least 1 month daily to start observing the results.

3. Using Milk & Turmeric Pack for Pink Lips

We all have heard about the benefits of using turmeric for skin, it does this, it does that etc etc, do you know what magic it can do for your lips when it is used with milk? Let me tell you, the paste prepared by using turmeric powder and milk consist of several antioxidants which when applied on the lips, helps in exfoliating it and assist it in getting pink lips. also read: 8 Oxygen Rich Foods will meet the lack of oxygen in the blood, include it soon in your diet

How to use:

Take one tablespoon of turmeric and one tablespoon of milk and make a paste by mixing them, after that apply that paste on your lips and spread it evenly, after it gets dried up, wash it off with lukewarm water.

Tip:  Do this procedure twice a day for 1 month for better results.

4. Aloe Vera Gel for Lips

Using Aloe Vera is the most common among all the ways I mentioned, it is easily available to everyone, it contains several antioxidants, that helps in making our lips way more softer and smoother than you think. It is the most common way of getting pink lips. also read:10 Best Homemade Face Pack for Glowing Skin in Summer

How to use:

Take a fresh dab of Aloe Vera and rub it on your lips gently for 5-6 minutes, after that just simply apply a branded lip balm on your lips.

Tip: You can use this procedure 2-3 times a day and consistently a month for seeing better results.

5. Using Coconut & Almond oil for Lips

This is one of the most effective measures for protecting, exfoliating and for getting those natural soft lips, coconut and almond oil both are filled with several antioxidants that can do magic for our lips if applied the right way. Also read:20 Amazing Home Remedies for Glowing Skin

How to use:

Take one tablespoon of almond oil, and the same amount for coconut oil and then mix them well and apply it on your lips and leave it overnight, in the morning wash your lips with warm water.

Tip: Use this procedure consistently for a month for seeing better results.


I hope now you know my secret tricks of keeping your lips naturally pink at home and making them soft and smoother like never before.

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