5 SEO Ranking Factors to Follow in 2022


With only two months until 2022, it is not very early to contemplate the new strategies that you might wish to add to the digital marketing plan for the upcoming year. But the most important factor is that you have to consider other Google ranking factors. Web designing trends transform and evolve with time.

It applies to SEO best practices. One of the biggest functions of Google is to constantly assess the factors that Stipulate a superior quality website for the users. Every person involved in web designing, web development, UX/UI, and even entrepreneurs needs to keep pace with the SEO ranking factors for staying on top of the SERPs. They can even receive the assistance of the best SEO company for the same. In this context, we will learn about the factors that carry the utmost influence.

Let’s Check SEO Ranking Factors to Follow in 2022

SEO Ranking Factors

The priority of Google has always been high quality, relevant, and high-value content. Few factors like the emphasis on mobile optimization and offering a good User experience are a few SEO ranking factors that you need to consider. Below are the few important factors that you must focus on in 2022:

Relevant and High-Value Content

RankBrain is Google’s artificial intelligence-powered algorithm. It is one of the most important SEO ranking factors that decide the position of a specific web page in search engines. It works by assessing user activity with the search listings to quantify their quality and relevance. For instance, when a user clicks on a particular page that extends Useful information and chooses to stay on that page for quite some time, it will lead to a higher ranking and not a thin page with an elevated Bounce rate.

Another important point is to incorporate all the relevant keywords within the content for achieving the top ranking in the SERPs. Presently, we can find more sophisticated Google algorithms that can accurately judge whether the content is covering relevant topics or not and whether it is stuffing keywords. The best part about RankBrain is the elimination of its Keyword stuffed content from the search results. It ranks the content that offers the most high-quality and relevant content for that specific query. Due to this, you will not find any truth and try ways of optimizing for RankBrain.

It is important to understand that discovering just one way of optimizing for RankBrain is not necessary. You need to learn what is most significant to the audience and thereby create high value and authentic content that fulfills their needs. RankBrain will only push the content on the first page of any SERP when it finds relevance and quality along with proper keywords.

Optimum Quality Backlinks:

Any best SEO company will agree that backlinks are a highly crucial factor that influences rankings. Backlinks are the basis of PageRank Which is also at the center of the ranking algorithm of Google. Indeed, PageRank has not updated in many years, but Google still uses it as and when necessary. With the help of backlinks, Google can evaluate your authority and enable other internet users to discover your content. It is very important to be equipped with an effective link-building strategy to generate high-quality content.


There are too many brands these days that stuff their keywords into their content. Also, it is expected of them to emphasize more on quality. But this sends out a very incorrect message these days that keywords are not crucial anymore.

Indeed, it will be correct to say that keywords are not the end-all and be-all like they once used to be in the context of SEO, but still, keywords carry significance. While there has been no transformation in assessing how important keywords are, the change has to be brought in utilizing them.

In today’s time, we can utilize keyword analysis to build the content plan and discover topics appropriate for the audience. it is also possible to position the keywords in the heading, text body, and titles to push the rankings to hire. However, what you cannot do depends on the keywords alone. The content might be stuffed with various keywords, but it has to be of real value to impress the SERPs.

When you feel that you are engaging in keyboard forcing into a specific place in the content, you are doing it. When it comes to keyword placement, you only need to focus on quality, and both need to work hand in hand to generate boosted ranking results.

Site Authority

Google recruit’s human agents to evaluate the quality of the pages and SERPs that make up the primary results page for numerous searches. It extends guidelines for the search raters to follow while rating the relevance and quality of those pages. The guidelines showcase the importance of the factor called EAT rating in the ranking of all the pages. Within this waiting, you will find elements like authority, trustworthiness, and expertise.

Because of this, it is vital to describe the authority in the genre to Google and the audience. You can do it very easily by publishing the author bios with practical experience or qualifications. You can even choose to develop it with time by extending excellent content and accomplishing a reputation of an authoritative source.

UX and Site Structure

Your website must be easy for Google site crawlers and users to navigate. If this does not happen, no matter how high quality your web content is, it won’t make any difference. The website needs to be developed around a hierarchical structure and must emphasize the User experience largely. When the user experience is good automatically, the visitors will spend time on your website. Google takes these things as a positive signal and will reward your web page with a high ranking.

Final Say

We know that content optimization for Google ranking factors is not very easy and ever. You need to process a huge amount of information and keep up with the information that often changes. Take a look at the above-mentioned SEO ranking factors to understand how to offer optimized content. The best SEO company is always available to serve you as and when needed.